Taurophobia: the fear of bulls and cows

Published: February 24, 2021

To have a fear of animals is an age-old thing and has affected many people for countless years. Animal fears can include common fears like that of dogs, snakes or spiders. Taurophobia is the fear of cows and bulls. In this phobic condition, the sufferer feels helpless and tries to run away from that situation when he cannot face it.

Famous American singer and songwriter Lyle Lovett suffers from taurophobia. He is afraid of bulls and cows because of an experience he had.

Taurophobia is usually accompanied by panic attacks and is of a recurring nature. This phobic situation comes with the possibility of returning at any stage of life, so one should learn how to deal with such fears.

Fear of cows can be considered irrational and unnatural because cows are docile animals and they are not of aggressive nature.

After being trampled by a bull in 2002, Lyle Lovett developed a fear of cows and bulls, a fear that has tortured him ever since. He was actually caught by a bull and rammed into the fence in his uncle’s farm and since that day he could not overcome this fear.

With such fear and hatred for cows, you won’t find Lyle Lovett anywhere near them.

A phobia of cows is can be quite intense, however there is no with no actual threat or danger to life. This phobia sounds more illogical because not just seeing but even a mere thought of a cow horrifies them to such an extent that they suffer from immediate panic or anxiety attacks.

Some of the symptoms of Taurophobia include fear of death, excessive sweating, breathlessness, sudden madness, shaking and nausea.

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