Billy Bob Thornton likes to take it slow

Published: April 25, 2020

Billy Bob Thornton clearly has the right attitude when it comes to living a more fulfilling life.

The 55-year-old ‘love him or hate him’ actor who has plied his trade in a wide range of interesting film roles including a drunken St. Nicholas with a penchant for theft and anal sex in Bad Santa, as well as Sling Blade which was written and directed by Thornton who gave an excellent portrayal of Karl Childers, a former psychiatric patient with mental impairment who is befriended by a mother and her son in rural Arkansas. She is bullied by an abusive boyfriend and his relationship with the family leads Childers into regrettable situation involving a lawn mower blade and a biker’s skull.

Billy Bob Thornton as the macabre yet sensitive Karl Childers in Sling Blade

In his personal life Thornton is less crazy although a slew of unsuccessful marriages might lead you to the conclusion that is hasn’t always been that way. His former wives include Angelina Jolie, Cynda Williams and Playboy’s Pietra Dawn Cherniak, but after landing the role of a drug abusing cop in Faster, Thornton feels that life should be an easier, slower ride – especially where relationships and sex are concerned.

Having been a substance abuser himself in the past Billy Bob knows that the modern pace of life is way too fast and instant, and he has voiced his feelings over ‘quickies’ stating they’re far from satisfying. And rightly so, after all if you purport to enjoy sex, why not make it last?

On the matter Thornton said: “Quickies are overrated. Sex is always better when it’s done slowly.”

Playing the police officer with drug problems was a timely reminder for the veteran actor who admits to a drug addled past, but has kept himself clean for 30 years now where pot is concerned. He still struggles with the notion of smoking cannabis as he gets too paranoid and anxious on the stuff.

“I don’t even smoke pot. I get palpitations if I smoke a joint and I start imagining the FBI is after me. I haven’t touched drugs for 30 years now,” said the healthy minded Thornton.

And his aversion to modern living doesn’t end with quickies and drugs as he also finds gadgets and technology irksome and invasive. He has old-fashioned values, doesn’t own a mobile phone and hasn’t got a clue how to navigate the World Wide Web.

“Modern technology robs our lives of their heart and soul. I write everything by hand.”

Amen to that Billy Bob.

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