Jennie Garth admits to suffering from a serious heart condition

Published: November 03, 2020

Jennie Garth is perhaps most well-known for her role as Kelly Taylor in the 1990s hit TV show ‘Beverly Hills 90210′. The show ended in 2000 after a ten-year run, after which Jennie Garth starred in several made for TV movies. She returned to television in 2002 as one of the leads in ‘What I Like About You’. With the reprisal of ’90210′ in 2008, Jennie revived her role as Kelly Taylor.

Jennie’s fans followed her career’s success for nearly two decades without knowing the star was suffering from a serious health issue.

After losing her father to heart disease in 2008, Jennie Garth has come out and told her fans about heart problems of her own. The star was diagnosed with a leaky valve in 2002. In an interview with Access Hollywood she said: “I’ve been affected by heart disease practically my whole life.

“I have a leaky valve and it’s a common thing.

“A lot of people have it an they don’t know they have it.”

A leaky valve is a serious disorder. The heart is essentially made up of two halves, each with an atrium and a ventricle. Valves exist to ensure blood flows the correct way as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. A leaky valves is a valve that does not function properly in which it allows some of the blood to flow back the wrong way, which can have serious consequences.

Jennie Garth insists, however, that it is nothing to worry about right now. “Down the road it’s something that could get more complicated or it could not.

“People have had valve replacements and that kind of thing.”

While Jennie’s leaky valve might not be a serious issue for her at the moment, Elizabeth Taylor recently had surgery to repair her’s.

Other celebrities who have had heart problems include Robin WilliamsLarry King and Bill Clinton.

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