Stem cells may help treat heart problems

Published: April 25, 2020

A recent study has revealed that stem cells may help treat heart related problems. According to, scientists at the Bristol University conducted a research study which revealed that left over blood vessels could be used for developing stem cells which could further be utilized for dealing with coronary diseases. Heart attack is the result of damaged and blocked arteries which fail to deliver blood to the heart. Stem cell injections may help repair those arteries. The process might as well complement bypass surgery. The team of scientists is viewing the new found technique as a revolutionary one which may help several thousand patients suffering from heart ailments. The study was published in the medical journal Circulation.

As per, scientists utilized left over blood vessels from previous bypass operations to create stem cells. However, the number of stem cells thus produced was not found to be sufficient for treatment. Therefore, the stem cells were then seeded in special plates which resulted in generation of about 50 to 60 million cells.   ”We did not expect that. It was a considerable surprise. From those cells we should be able to create treatments, made up of the patient’s own cells, after they have had heart attacks. Further into the future, we might even be able to freeze these cells and store them so that they can be used to treat anyone who has serious coronary problems.” said Paolo Madeddu, lead researcher.

Celebrities who have heart problems include Jennie Garth, Robin Williams, Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor.

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