Drug addled Tom Sizemore arrested due to old warrant

Published: September 20, 2020

US actor Tom Sizemore has been checked into custody by LAPD on an outstanding warrant for battery after the 49 year-old was arrested at 1:15am  on Tuesday. He was picked up from an apartment building by police who were in the middle of investigating a drug ring and he has been posted bail of $26,000.

Luckily for Sizemore he’s an actor, ergo a celebrity and can therefore pretty much do whatever he wants. With a previous record for domestic violence and drug offences, the former Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers star clearly needs a stint in jail or rehab to straighten him out.

Tom Sizemore releasing the "inner Tom" in Natural Born Killers.

Having featured in Celebrity Rehab, a reality TV stab at fixing broken celebs (and they are legion) Sizemore still hasn’t found the antidote to his problems and like most other fame seekers is a very sick individual.

The VH1 series was obviously created as entertainment instead of a genuine attempt to heal the celebrities who took part, they themselves there for the publicity due to the fact that their careers were on the decline.

Tom Sizemore 'stars' in Celebrity Rehab - a career low.

Reality TV is the new escape route for ailing TV companies who have thrown billions and billions of dollars at sitcoms and dramas in the past. Cheap to produce and cheaper to repeat, these shows really are as low as it gets. Who really wants to see what celebrity X is doing with their bikini line or who snogged who in the Big Brother house?

Sizemore sure isn’t the fisrt and certainly won’t be the last to fall into the reality TV, drug and self-degeneration trap because that’s what fame does. You either achieve such celestial levels of success that you become untouchable, or you struggle to keep afloat and rely on whatever scraps of publicity you can get to perpetuate your addiction to attention.

You are watching the future of television.

Either way, the detachment from reality is embarrassing, but worse still is the impact their behaviour has on young, impressionable minds in what appears to be a growing trend of fame seeking kids who are led to believe they can be a star by misleading Reality TV shows, boy/girl bands, Pop Idol and countless other cheap, media warfare weapons of mass distraction.

Yes Obama, we need a massive change in the media.

As for Sizemore, he’ll probably worm his way out of this latest spat, tidy up for a while and then who knows? Maybe in a few months I’ll be writing about him again because the one thing you can guarantee about celebrities is that they always give you another chance.

All publicity is good publicity, right?

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images: fanpop.com, examiner.com, alt-world-watch.blogspot.com, sodahead.com

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