Is Nicholas Cage set to assume the mantle of Charlie Sheen?

Published: April 19, 2020

As one star rises so another falls. With Charlie Sheen having grabbed his fair share of the headlines over the past few months, it was inevitable that attention would eventually move away from the much publicised and equally maligned actor. His live show, the Vapid Torpid of Turd, is now quietly going about its nonsensical business and the media have all but given up on the ailing Estevez; apart from reporting that Bree Olson has left him; which means it’s doing okay – nothing special, nothing dreadful (to most people that is).

With Sheen’s stealthy exit from the media microscope there is a void crying out to be filled by a new face in the clown; could it be that the new suitor for the hand of over-exposure and curveball behaviour is none other than Nicholas Cage?

With his arrest on Saturday one might wonder whether he is heading down the same street Charlie Sheen has walked this past year. His public outburst in New Orleans was not as gargantuan as Sheen’s ‘naked screaming’ porn star episode which is when his descent into isolated madness really began; but clearly Cage is a desperate man. Sadly for him he cannot go quietly about a nervous or mental turn being the celebrity he is and I imagine everything he does will be watched now with an intensity which is adversely proportionate to his acting ability.

Looking good at the weekend, Nick Cage could be the next Charlie Sheen

Cage’s fame was almost guaranteed, thanks in no small part to his uncle Francis Ford Coppola, and like many overpaid individuals who have found a sizeable living through nepotism, he has forged a career on badly made, poorly written and largely over-budgeted films.

Saturday night’s episode could be the start of a personal implosion for Cage (who narcissistically named himself after a Marvel comic book hero); his recent track record doesn’t make for good reading with heavy, spiralling debts and bouts of poor behaviour. His last clutch of movies has been dire; National Treasure was a poor hybrid of The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones, failing to capture either convincingly; while Bangkok Dangerous was nothing short of absolute self-indulgence and probably the worst film ever made.

Signs of egoism have been prevalent throughout has career – another parallel with Sheen – but one of his most recent statements, that he has developed a new style of acting called “Nouveau Shamanism” that he has always used and intends to write a book about, really smacks of living on another planet. Having witnessed his acting style on too many occasions I can only guess it’ll be a very short book; probably one for the toilet.

The signs are there, you have been warned. Watch this space for Nick Cage madness.

What do you think? Is Cage about to pop or is he too cool for that? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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images:; Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

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