Johnny Depp’s battle against alcoholism

Published: January 09, 2021

Born in 1963, Johnny Depp is a celebrated American musician and an actor who has a lot of films and music to his credit. He marked his television debut as an actor in 1987 with the series ‘21 Jump Street’. Depp was widely recognized for this successful series and he emerged as an idol for youngsters in the 1980s.

Not many people know that Depp got his start in 1984 with a horror film called ´A Nightmare On Elm Street´, a flick which was later remade by Michael Bay in 2010. After battling it out with Freddy Krueger, Depp´s career saw an upward trend and he appeared in films like ´Platoon´ and ´Edward Scissorhands´. During 1990s, Depp indulged himself in heavy drinking and drug addictions, which ensued from the steady success and fame the actor was garnering. This alcoholism almost ended his Hollywood career.

According to, who quote Contactmusic, Johnny says of this time:

“It was trying not to feel anything… My drug of choice back then was alcohol.

“It might have had the facade of being recreational, but even then I knew it wasn’t…

“I would end up having to go places or do things that I didn’t want to do, and it went against the grain,” he said.

“I would end up in these strange situations, making small talk with people I didn’t particularly know. I literally had to be drunk to be able to speak and get through it.

“I had a keen idea that it was not good at that point. But you get liquored up and then once you are in that spiral you don’t even get hangovers any more. You wake up and have another drink,” he said.

He soon he checked himself into the rehabilitation centre where he underwent treatment. Since then his career has continued to soar. Depp one of his biggest successes with the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’. He received many accolades and praises for his best role as Captain Jack Sparrow in this film and bagged the Academy Award nomination for the same in 2003.

After 2003, Johnny Depp never looked back and gave more hits including ‘Finding Neverland’, ‘At World’s End’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as well as two sequels to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Depp has many awards to his credit such as Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globe Award and other awards from the London Critics Circle and the Russian Guild of Film Critics.

Today he says he is clean, and lives with his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their two children in France.


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