The Caron Foundation

Published: October 08, 2020

Located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania,  The Caron Foundation is the only non-profit rehabilitation centre lending their helping hand to the chemically dependant. It is recognized to be among the top five rehabilitation centers in the world. The Caron Foundation is globally known as the leading drug and alcohol treatment provider delivering the service in a unique way. This centre encourages the addicts to overcome their addiction by conversing with them and gaining their trust.

The Caron Foundation was one of the first rehabilitation facilities in the world, and was founded by Richard Caron, a recovering alcoholic, in 1957.

On its website, the Caron Foundation has a comprehensive lists of various symptoms related to different types of substance abuse, including relapse warning signs. The doctors who work at the Caron Foundation are specialized in working together with their patients to overcome their addictions.

Some famous faces that checked into the Caron Foundation for treatment include Miss USA Tara Conner, Aerosmith singer Stephen Tyler and great American singer Liza Minnelli.

Many celebrities have addictions. These include Michael JacksonRobbie WilliamsBritney Spearsand Lindsay Lohan.


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