Robbie Williams took “collosal” amounts of drugs

Published: October 09, 2020

Robbie Williams, a famous singer is one of many celebrities to enter rehab and seek treatment and therapy for his addictions. With a number of BRIT awards to his credit, Robbie kick-started his career in 1989 as a dancer at the age of 15. After his initial career as a dancer with pop band Take That, which was an international super hit and had millions of fans the world over, he started his solo career in 1995.

‘Life Through a Lens’ marked the beginning of his career reaching no.2 in the U.K. beat all previous records. Other famous work of Robbie includes ‘I’ve Been Expecting You‘, ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ and ‘Escapology’. Williams has also won many awards in his career including many BRIT Awards and six Echo Awards in six consecutive years.

Soon tragedy engulfed this superb singer. The cheeky star’s health always remained an area of concern for a long time. He battled obesity, mental illness, alcoholism, substance abuse and other disorders throughout his life. He says he gave up drinking alcohol and taking drugs during his depression time because it made him fat.

On his battle with depression, Robbie Williams said in an interview with BBC: “I’d get up in front of 40,000 people and say ‘look at me, I’m ace’ …. Then as soon as I got off stage, i’d get in the tour coach and go back to my bedroom and pull the duvet over my eyes.”

He says he took “collosal” amounts of drugs, and on several occassion believed he was close to death after severe drug binges.

The famous ‘Rudebox’ singer was admitted to the Cottonwood Clinic in Arizona in 2007 for the treatment of Seroxat and the addiction to prescription drugs and caffeine. Robbie Williams went to the depression after the stint of success of his previous band Take That. But the stay at the Cottonwood Clinic marked the turning point in his life and now Robbie is trying to relive his life with confidence, passion and happiness.

Providing sophisticated and the sympathetic treatment to the victims of drug abuse or disorders, the Cottonwood Clinic offers well structured program to transform the lives of the individuals. The Cottonwood Clinic is one of the best places for the treatment in bipolar disorders, mood disorders and eating disorders. The Cottonwood Clinic has restored stability and normalcy in the life of many celebrities and showed them the way to a healthy and a happy life. Former Spice Girl, Geri Helliwel and famous American pop Paula Abdul have been the residents of the clinic.

Williams says rehab saved his life.

Other celebrities battle addictions. Some of these include Lindsay Lohan, Burt Reynolds, Melanie Griffith and Michael Jackson.

Other celebrities who have battled weight issues include Sharon Osbourne, Mary-Kate Olsen, Oprah Winfrey and Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein.

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