Robbie Williams undergoing treatment for mysterious illness

Published: September 17, 2020

Robbie Williams says he is suffering from a mysterious illness, which is to blame for the limited success of his comeback album Rubebox. According to, the singer, who had taken his depressive state for granted earlier,woke up to realise that it was more than just a state of mind. He recently said in an interview : “I thought I was lethargic and depressed as a person. I thought that was my make-up.”

The singer recorded the album in 2006, after staying out of the public eye for three years. However, the album failed to generate much of a storm in the charts. He added “Running alongside the three years off, the Rudebox, the lack of confidence, I was lethargic and depressed and I thought I was lethargic and depressed as a person.”

Robbie Williams, who has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, has been battling with depression for a number of years. As reported by, the singer now admits that ever since he came to terms with the illness, his life has undergone a huge transformation for better due to the treatment. The singer, who quit his boy band ‘Take That’ in 1995 after he decided to go solo, also admitted that it was a rough phase of his life. However, the 36-year-old star believes that it was the struggle to keep up with the new-found fame that had him go “mental”. He added, “I don’t think anybody’s responded to it particularly well when they get to a certain level.” He said “Elton John went mental, Elvis (Presley) went mental, I went mental. Everybody at some point, at some stage, goes bonkers.”

Other celebrities who have battled with depression include Kirsten Dunst, Heather Locklear, Hugh Laurie and Jim Carrey

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