Jim Carrey gets off medication to battle depression

Published: December 12, 2020

Jim Carrey has always been very open about his struggle with depression. The ‘Ace Ventura’ and ‘Dumb & Dumber’ actor claims he has been struggling with depression for many years now.

Jim had a troubled personal life and after two failed marriages and reportedly started taking drugs, which took him down the path of depression. He has admitted to suffering from depression since 1994, and has taken prescription medication for it. However after years of popping pills, the actor, who stars in the new movie ‘A Christmas Carol’, said there was “more” light in his life after giving up the medication, and proceeded to change his diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle to battle his depression.

He spoke candidly about his illness in an interview on ‘60 Minutes’, where he said: “I was on Prozac for a long time.

“It may have helped me out of a jam for a little bit, but people stay on it forever.

“I had to get off at a certain point because I realized that, you know, everything’s just OK.

“There are peaks, there are valleys.”

Aol.com quotes the actor as saying: “I created tools to help my treatment and I went down a path with some amazing scientific minds who are using supplemental treatments for depression.”

Of making ‘A Christmas Carol’, in which he lends his voice to Scrooge, Jim Carrey compares his transformation, moving away from depression to enjoying a happy existence.

“Everybody loves a good transformational story - somebody who sees the light and finds out what’s important in life.

“It was wonderful to get to the bottom of a character I’ve seen done a hundred different ways.”

He also claims it was his spirituality that helped him through depression. As People.com quoted him: “I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Muslim, I’m a Christian.

“I’m whatever you want me to be.

“It all comes down to the same thing. … You are either in a loving place, or you are in an unloving place.”

Jim Carrey is a true inspiration for all who are fighting depression because now with spiritual treatment and clean living, he has learned to cope with this situation.

Other clinically depressed celebrities include J.K. RowlingHalle BerryHugh Laurie and Owen Wilson.

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