Giuliana & Bill: Shocking IVF Series Update!

Published: September 21, 2020

Reality TV ‘stars’ Giuliana and Bill Rancic are not taking no for an answer when it comes to reproducing and are already undertaking a third round of IVF treatment.

In the couple’s riveting show called simply Giuliana & Bill the F list celebrities are seen giving fertility treatment another go, despite having already said that they were going to take a year off from trying to conceive. What a plot, right! This is something Christopher Nolan could really get his teeth into.

Gruelling and upsetting as it may be to be unable to produce progeny when everyone else seems to be doing it, this is not ‘television’.  How did it get on television? The collective IQ of mankind is already at a desperate level and it’s surprising really that people are still willing to bring children into this dreadful world in any case, especially when this is what they have to look forward to: the television equivalent of watching your neighbours hang out their washing out through your bedroom window. What happened to escapism? Happily assuming that no one with a measurable IQ would watch this bunch of pixelated sausage dross anyway, the human race can just about live to fight another day, but it’s a concern.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic - too smug to conceive.

The problem seems to be that low-grade human beings are contributing far more to the gene pool than intelligent human beings that have reasoning skills, access to a vocabulary that doesn’t rely mainly on the names of footballers, celebrities and words such as ‘nice’,  and not just sensory motor skills. So many intelligent and educated people are choosing not to have children and instead focusing on a career and opting for an enjoyable life as a superior alternative, so that the declivity of the human race is more real than ever. Future generations will be made up of footballers, their coat hanger wives and reality TV stars. Frightening isn’t it?

Giuliana Rancic is a celebrity because...?

The media has turned from something that entertains us into something that tries to control our minds and lulls us into a dribbling coma where it attempts to bludgeon our intellect with a comedy hammer made from foam that makes a hilarious ‘boing’ sound when it makes contact with our cereberums.

Giuliana is a presenter on E! News – a celebrity news program and Bill was a contestant on The Apprentice. Major celebrity couple then. Up there with Angelina and Brad.

Guiliana and Bill Rancic - Who?

And much as I really give a shit about these nobodies from a reality tv show – the modern day equivalent of the (full) frontal lobotomy, even the nature of the program goes against nature itself. Nature has always had ways of keeping the population down. There are almost seven billion human beings in the world. That’s an awful lot of football fans and Hello! readers. If you can’t conceive then perhaps you just aren’t supposed to. Perhaps the gene pool is already grubby and polluted enough. Just a thought. Not everyone who wants kids can have them. Not everyone who wants to be famous, can be. Although reality TV and IVF  is trying to put an end to that.

Having a child in this manner when there are orphaned babies and children desperate for a family is as needless as buying a puppy from a breeder when there are so many of them in dogs homes who need love and rehoming. You can have a child, there are millions of them out there, waiting to be picked. All ages, all colors, all waiting. We as a species don’t have to reproduce. Some of us will, some of us won’t. That’s what nature is: chaotic.

No it's not Brad and Angelina's family portrait - these be orphans.

Anyway, Sunday’s exciting episode opens with a long shot of Denver. We pan in on the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, where in his office Dr Schoolcraft, having just finished signing off some important paperwork buzzes his busty receptionist and asks her to send in his next clients: the very famous Giuliana and Bill. ‘We haven’t had this much hope in a long time, so this is very, very nice,’ says Giuliana in the kind of scintillating dialogue that wouldn’t look out of place during the closing sequence of a Tarantino flick. It’s too much like one of the final episodes of 24 for me. I just can’t endure the suspense.  I won’t give the ending away. I don’t want to ruin it for the fans.

Logie Baird must be turning in his grave.

The people that watch this program are probably the very same people that are boycotting Dancing With Stars for featuring the lovely Chaz Bono – Cher’s son - for having not been born a boy, because they consider him unnatural.

Even if we have twins, we’re having more kids,’ cackles Giuliana. ‘We’re going to need a frequent IVF-er card.’

Oh great, more celebrity progeny who think they have a congenital right to celebrity status shitting all over our television sets.

The couple have been attempting to reproduce since 2009. You know what guys, sorry but God says ‘no’.

It’s easy to sympathize with a couple desperate to have children, but it’s impossible to sympathize with a pair of smug gits who use that as an opportunity to make money and increase their public profile.

Crap show. Crap people. Will probably have crap kids.

If you would like to comment on how thoughtless the writer is because the couple just want to have a little baby blah blah blah, stick something generic in the comment box below.


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Published September 21, 2020 by in Celebrities
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22 Responses to “Giuliana & Bill: Shocking IVF Series Update!”

  1. Mike Hater

    22. Sep, 2011

    You are pathetic Mike. Yes - YOU!

    Over 20% of couples struggle with infertility. It is something I would never wish on my worst enemy.

    B and G are to be commended for sharing their struggle. They give hope to thousands dealing with the same thing.

    Screw you, fucking insentive douche bag.

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  2. Mike Hater

    22. Sep, 2011

    And one more thing. Did you know that it costs an avergae of $50k to adopt. So that is out of reach for most people. IVF, on the other hand is 15k. Do the math idiot. You are so fucking uneducated about this topic you look like an absolute fool.

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    • Lee

      23. Sep, 2011

      These idiots are making a third attempt through IVF treatment at $15,000 a time and no guarantee of success. That puts them at $45,000 already, $5,000 less than adoption.

      Adoption is guaranteed, you get a child at the end of it whereas IVF is still very speculative. Another commenter on here says she had four attempts - $60,000.

      Not cheaper to have IVF at all is it you thick fuck?

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  3. You Are Heartless

    22. Sep, 2011

    Food for thought.
    Me: 30/f - Post Masters degree from IVY League. Happily married and wishing to bring a child into this world with the man that I love. I am survivor of sexual assult that left me with severe tubal damage. I cannot have a biological child. It is clear by your tone that you have THE CHOICE that I do not. I do not particularly care for any of the reality stars however was happy to see someone willing to share there IVF journey with the world. After 4 failed attempts myself, I would not wish infertility upon my worst enemy.

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  4. Disgusted

    22. Sep, 2011

    Just another insensitve, uneducated person writing an article about a topic they obviously know nothing about. Like Mike Hater said, adoption costs an average of $50,000, while IVF costs $15,000…so please tell me where these babies are that are lined up and waiting to be adopted for less than $15,000?

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    • Miss O

      26. Sep, 2011

      eBay. I found this feature funny and I have been trying for kids for three years. See these reality tv show stars for what they are - making money out of other peoples heartbreak.

      Thanks Mike. Good read. You managed to piss lots of over sensitive women off who don’t even seem to be able to read the article properly.

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  5. Carla

    22. Sep, 2011

    You honestly are the most pathetic and ignorant loser I have ever encountered. And I would spit in your face if I ever saw you! I cannot believe you even have a job, go to hell you sad sad little man!!! I am sure it must be very tiny, being that you feel the need to be such a douche bag!

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  6. Intelligent and Infertile

    22. Sep, 2011

    Clearly you do not understand the topic of infertility. The reality is that fertility declines with age. A big reason that infertility is becoming more common is that women are waiting longer to have children. The reason many are waiting longer is because they are getting an education and a career.

    So, if as you said, you wanted the gene pool to have more intelligent, well educated, and career oriented individuals contributing to it -you would support reproductive medicine.

    I am a doctor of the six girls in my residency program-4 had IVF!

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  7. Lee

    23. Sep, 2011

    6 comments from complete idiots. These F list celebs are not ‘sharing’ their story with others, they’re exploiting the gullibility of people like you who happily tune in to watch any old shit on TV.

    They’re making money out of this venture, plain and simple.

    As for improving the gene pool, are these morons really doing that? Same for you folks too, one with a master’s degree and can’t work out which “their, there or they’re” to use; one who feels the need to fill the gaps in their intellect with swearing; another who thinks the apt response is spitting in the writer’s face (very intelligent - hopefully you’re infertile) and doctor pharma-promoter.

    Anyone who thinks that bringing more people into the world because it’s cheaper than adopting is a complete idiot. So, you’re basically saying, “fuck those kids who need homes and love, we want OUR OWN.”

    You make me sick.

    Go back to sleep now, you’ve had your 15 seconds.

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  8. Jane Cake

    23. Sep, 2011

    You guys make it sound like you are only undergoing IVF treatment because it’s cheaper.

    The writer makes some fair points. It makes me laugh how people will so easily form an online lynch mob and attack like cowards empowered by anonymity and the group mentality..

    These reality TV twits are making money from the fact that they are having IVF treatment - that’s the point I think Mike is trying to make. That’s not admirable.

    Rape is a serious issue, but playing it as a joker to make a point on the internet is a cheap method of making a point by employing sympathy..

    Most people undertaking IVF are not rape victims, just people with infertility problems that don’t want to take no for an answer.

    It must be awful wanting something you can’t have, but there are methods of getting kids eg adoption. If it’s all about money, then perhaps you should rethink whether you can afford the long-term commitment of children anyway.

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  9. l

    23. Sep, 2011

    Do you have children if you do you should think twice about writing such an opinionated and offensive article many couples suffer with infertlity and you can not possibly apreciate the hurt that it causes . If you don`t have children lets just stop and ponder on why hmmmmmmmmmm could it be that god just says no to poluting the gene pool

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    • Lee

      23. Sep, 2011

      Thank you for proving the writer’s point about polluted gene pool. Now, please stop replying to things, you make the rest of us look intelligent.

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  10. Brylee

    23. Sep, 2011

    Obviously the writer understands nothing about infertility and the pain and anguish that couples go through. It is refreshing to have couples talk about their struggle and bring light to this increasing problem. Shame on the writer and editor for being so inconsiderate1

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  11. intelligentandinfertile

    23. Sep, 2011

    The author of this article is obviously commenting about Guiliana and Bill’s show, but he also makes comments about infertility in general.

    I have never seen the show. In my busy life, I really dont have much time for tv. Therefore, my comments are not about the show, but directed at Mike’s misconceptions about infertility in general. His comments clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding about infertility. THis leads him to generalize that IVF increases the number of unintelligent and uneducated people contributing to the gene pool. I already gave one reason why this is not true. Additionally, his comments are quite prejudiced and offensive.

    Infertility is a medical problem. It, like other medical issues, has a biological basis. Reproductive medicine works by treating or bypassing the biological problem. This is no different than treating any other medical issue. To believe otherwise is prejudiced.

    The author states,”Nature has always had ways of keeping the population down. … If you can’t conceive then perhaps you just aren’t supposed to”. Yes, Mike, nature has always had ways of keeping the population down. This has not just been through infertility, but things like cancer, heart attacks etc. Do you also believe it is wrong to mess with nature and treat these conditions? Would you say to those individuals that maybe they weren’t supposed to be here any more? If you would, then you are a heartless, inhumane individual. If you think it is ok to treat these medical conditions, but not infertility -then you are prejudiced. Who are you to decide which medical problems should and should not be treated?

    I do not agree with the whole economic argument. My decision to undergo fertility treatments rather than adopt had nothing to do with finances. It was based on a desire to have a newborn that was biologically mine and my husbands and to experience the miracle of pregnancy. Please note this is no different then the reasons many fertile couples decide to conceive a child.

    I believe that it is prejudiced to think that infertile couples bear any more obligation to adopt instead of attempt to conceive then fertile couples do. If you objectively look at it, the decision is the same. Someone who decides to open their heart and home to a child, decides that instead of choosing one that is already here in an orphanage that they are going to try to get pregnant. The mode of conception (sex vs fertility treatments) is irrelevant to the ethical issue. Both sets of couples are choosing to bring another child into the world instead of adopting. So, Lee and Mike I guess you have to tell the millions of women in the world who have ever had a child or plan to have a child, that they are all saying “Fuck those kids that need homes and love, we want our own” (your words Lee not mine).

    If you have an intelligent, rational retort to my statements, I will gladly listen. But, if the best you can do is name call and curse, I think you only prove which of us is more accurate.

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    • Lee

      24. Sep, 2011

      “I have never seen the show. In my busy life, I really dont have much time for tv.” - But you do have plenty of time to browse the internet and write drawn out, sanctimonious justifications as to why you want to bring another child into the world when the real moral issue is that there are millions already here who need homes.

      If the cost of adoption is too high, there’s always things that can be done like lobbying politicians.

      Having read the article again I can see that you, along with everyone else, have completely missed the point of it. It’s about reality TV and how low society has sunk on the whole. And for the record, I agree with the notion that nature has its own selection policy.

      Also the point about “low intelligence people contributing more to reproduction than higher intelligence folk” is completely accurate. There are so many families on welfare who are still shitting them out, despite being on the poverty line. I have to ask how this helps the human race when most of those kids may grow up to be a janitor or gas pump attendant if they’re lucky.

      Your argument about cancer and heart disease is a null point. Cancer has only increased since the way food was produced was changed back in the 1950s, when it was deemed necessary to add things like aluminium nitrite to bacon, or acrylamides which are found in heavily fried foods. Cancer is a natural defence in the body which has been bastardised by science tampering with food and water supplies. People develop cancer because the body is trying to protect itself from harmful elements.

      The whole thing with wanting to have a child of your own is about ego. You think that you are going to contribute something wonderful to the world when all you’re really doing is the same thing everyone else is trying to do. And why wouldn’t you want to procreate? You’ve been conditioned into believing that’s what you should be doing since you were bought your first doll, or mini-pram and kitchen set. The media pummels you with the idea that you should have babies. and you happily go along with it.

      We’re never going to agree on this because you will never see my side of the story, you’re so deeply entrenched in the notion that having a baby is what you’re here to do that you’ll never see beyond that.. Good luck, hope the IVF goes well (and not too expensive) so you get your baby, and the next time you pass an orphanage I hope the guilt doesn’t prick your conscience too hard.

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  12. intelligentandinfertile

    24. Sep, 2011

    Lee there are some points, I agree with you on and others I think that you are way off base. I actually agree with the author that reality tv is a waste of time. I think that the majority of television programing is crap and is contributing to making America lazy and stupid. In my busy and productive life, I prefer to use my free time for more useful pursuits. I came across the article while working on a project focused on infertility awareness and rights Addressing the misconceptions about infertility and discrimination against those with it is a useful expenditure of my time.

    I agree with the author that a problem is that lower intelligence individuals are contributing to the gene pool more than intelligent ones. I agree with your point about wellfare. I think this supports my argument in support of reproductive medicine. Fertility does not equal someone who has genetic superiority to contribute to the gene pool. Likewise, infertility does not mean you shouldn’t be contributing. My point is that reproductive medicine actually helps intelligent, well-educated, and career oriented women produce progeny. As I stated before, 2/3 of the female physicians in my residency class required fertility treatments. The lack of fertility was likely secondary to the fact we all decided to finish med school, training, and establish our practice prior to starting our family. (Of note we all have healthy children as a result). So, the aspect of the authors argument that I disagree with is that infertility treatments increase the number of unintelligent individuals contributing to the gene pool.

    You have not sufficiently contested my argument about cancer, heart attacks ect. to state that it is null. I will not get into a debate with you about the causes of cancer (some are natural others as you state are secondary to the toxic environment we live in). The real point is that one of natures ways of thinning the population is through natural causes of death (there is no disputing this is an accurate statement.) People live significantly longer because modern medicine fights these things. My point is would you say to someone who had one of these conditions that they shouldn’t be treated because that is the way nature made it so maybe their time is up? If you think it is ok to alter nature and treat these conditions, then it is prejudiced to not treat infertility or other medical conditions.

    Also, you have done nothing to disprove my point that an infertile individual bears any more obligation to adopt then a fertile one. Every point you have made about why you should adopt rather then get pregnant applies to fertile couples as well. So, I am correct to say that you dont think anyone should plan a pregnancy until all the orphans are adopted or are you discriminating against infertile individuals?

    BTW I have 3 wonderful children. The first was the conceived with infertility treatments. As happens with many who suffer from infertility, pregnancy reset my reproductive system. The second was concieved naturally. The third is a special needs child that I adopted. Guilt had nothing to do with the decision to adopt.

    So, I ask you Lee. Do you have or plan on having any children that are biologically yours? How many have you adopted or do you plan to adopt?

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    • Lee

      24. Sep, 2011

      Firstly, the author isn’t saying that all IVF treatment leads to pollution of the gene pool, just that more and more people are trying to have kids when the population is already high enough and that most people reproducing are the uneducated working class.

      China capped families to two children per couple because their population was getting out of control. The rest of the world needs to take heed.

      Your remarks about fertility = genetic superiority is twisting words. Nowhere does it say that at all. You have skewed that to make it fit your self-protection agenda.

      There is also a vast difference between saving the life of someone already here and trying to bring another life into this world, so again, your point about cancer is completely irrelevant to this topic. The point of fact is that most, if not all cancer treatment doesn’t actually work anyway, it just funds ‘Big Pharma’ and keeps a lot of people rich through charity siphoning. It’s a completely different subject.

      Cancer can be treated very easily through diet and other natural remedies.

      I don’t need to ‘disprove’ your argument about infertile couples’ obligation over fertile couples to adopt. My point is that even fertile couples should slow down on reproduction as well. If you’re infertile and the IVF isn’t working, give up or go adopt if you really want a child that badly.

      Not all fertile couples have children anyway, despite having the tools to do so naturally. They also have the natural tools to murder someone but that doesn’t mean they should rush out and do that either.

      As for me, I have a son, conceived and born naturally. Would I have another? No. Did I want to have a child? No. I wasn’t ready at the time but I had no choice in the matter after his mother lied to me about being on the pill, encouraged me not to use a condom and ignored my pleas to have an abortion.

      Would I adopt? Absolutely, because I don’t have an ego driving me to deliver another ‘miracle’ into the world.

      For the record, child birth isn’t a miracle. It’s a natural process. Statues crying, people being healed by the touch of a finger - they’re miracles. Reproduction is as natural as breathing for those who can.

      I have a very good friend who found out she was infertile. She was upset at first but decided against IVF because the results were not great. She got over the disappointment and adopted a child from Thailand who had lost his parents. They have a great life together and she doesn’t regret her decision at all.

      Anything else while we’re discussing?

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  13. intelligentandinfertile

    24. Sep, 2011

    You say “the author isn’t saying that all IVF treatment leads to pollution of the gene pool” Here is the direct quote “If you can’t conceive then perhaps you just aren’t supposed to. Perhaps the gene pool is already grubby and polluted enough. Just a thought. Not everyone who wants kids can have them. … Although … IVF is trying to put an end to that” I disagree with you I think his statement says that he believes IVF leads to contamination of the gene pool. Anyone reading this can decide for themselves what they think about his statement.

    Again he argues that part of the problem with society is that more unintelligent individuals are contributing to the gene pool then intelligent ones. I will state again that reproductive medicine helps this. If you look at the population of individuals undergoing infertility treatments, the majority are well educated individuals. Therefore, reproductive medicine increases the number of well educated intelligent individuals contributing to the gene pool.

    My point that infertility is a medical condition and deserves to be treated like any other medical condition is 100% valid. There are medical conditions we treat because they save lives and others because they improve quality of life. What constitutes improved quality of life should be decided by the person living it. You and I have no right to decide that for them. To decide that some medical conditions deserve treatment and others don’t is discrimination. You may disagree with the desire of an infertile person to have their own child. But, is not your choice. It is NOT YOUR RIGHT TO TELL ANOTHER PERSON WHAT THEY SHOULD AND SHOULDN”T DO WITH THEIR BODY. This is a basic human rights issue. To treat infertile individuals as if they shouldn’t have the right to decide how to handle their medical condition is discrimination. (Lee you state that you don’t have an ego driving you. Yet you seem to believe that you have the right to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do. I think that is pretty egotistical.)

    I find it ironic that the author seems to support Chaz Bono. So, he seems to recognize that Chaz Bono has the right to utilize modern medicine to alter the state he was born in to improve his quality of life. Yet, the author thinks that people who struggle with infertility shouldn’t use modern medicine to do what they believe would improve their quality of life. What a hypocrite!

    I think it is very clear that both you and Mike hold discriminatory views about infertility. In addition to those already mentioned, you both think that somehow infertile individuals bear more of an obligation to adopt and have less right to pursue having a child that is biologically theirs then a fertile individual does. This is discrimination. You state that fertile couples should “slow down on reproduction” You don’t go off on them about how it is egotistical to have your own child instead of adopting. You just say slow down maybe adopt China’s policy and limit it to two. While to infertile couples, you don’t believe they are entitled to pursue having any of their own biological children. Clearly, Mike’s beliefs on the obligation to adopt only apply to infertile individuals as well as he introduces the topic by saying “Having a child in this manner ” referring to IVF. Why does it matter how you conceive a child? The decision is still the same. You are choosing to have your own child instead of adopting. If you believe there is a difference-then you are prejudiced.

    I am thrilled for your friend. I have met many women experiencing infertility through my activity in various support and activist groups. Different women find resolution through various means some find fullfillment in a life without children, some through having children via reproductive medicine and some through adoption. Again the definition of what constitutes quality of life is up to the person living it-Not me and not you.

    You are incorrect to assume that my posting here is about self-protection. I do not need anyone’s approval for the decisions that I have made. All of them have lead to a great life and I have no regrets. It is to improve awareness about infertility and the discrimination that exists against others that have it.

    Oh another thing, Mike states,”So many intelligent and educated people are choosing not to have children and instead focusing on a career “. True many are choosing that. However, I can tell you from my involvement with infertility groups that many women suffering from infertility tell people this is why they aren’t having children. The reason that they don’t come out and tell them that they are struggling with infertility is because there is so much discrimination from people like you. (Note my involvement with infertile groups is as a person who has been through it helping others. It is not part of my career and I am not paid for it. Thought I’d mention that since you accuse me of being a doctor pharma-promoter. I don’t make any money off of it and I will not make any money if they go on to have a baby).

    We are never going to agree. So, I am moving on to other pursuits.

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    • Lee

      25. Sep, 2011

      Same as anyone who wants something they can’t have, they want it more.

      You too are pushing your views on infertility but you’re missing the point completely with all your efforts to discredit Mike and I.

      People rarely think beyond the romance of having a baby when they decide to have one. They don’t think about the world they’re bringing it into, whether they can afford to feed it for the rest of their lives, school it properly, cope with its moods and rebellions, etc, etc, etc.

      All they think about is themselves and that is the bottom line in this argument.


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  14. Jason Fox

    26. Sep, 2011

    So true about reality TV. Most of these comments seem to be from humorless women who can’t have kids and watch reality TV. Did nasty Mr Mike hit a nerve? I don’t see anything incendiary in there - he’s just slating reality tv and saying the gene pool is trashed already - no one can argue with that.

    What is it with you women and kids?! Get a life! Oh wait a minute - you can’t, can you.

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  15. Mike

    30. Sep, 2011

    Now that’s a thoroughly mean thing to say Mr Fox. I was enjoying the banter here, but you went too far. A lot of these women are conditioned into wanting kiddywinkies and feel deprived when they can’t reproduce.

    Glad you liked the article Jason. Sorry that so many women read it completely the wrong way. Just hormonal I guess.

    IVF increases the chance of birth defects as well I hear. Something else to bear in mind when fucking with nature.

    Good luck to all of you who are pursuing children either via IVF or adoption.

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  16. jEssicA

    28. Oct, 2011

    well, it is not our business to mind other people’s choices in life. if G and B wants to have baby, then it is their choice. evryone has different opinions about G and B, but let us leave their choices alone because it is their lives and not ours. all they want is to have their own baby by their own flesh and blood. let us give them the chance to become happy. a baby is a gift..a very precious gift.

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