Barbara Walters fully recovered after heart surgery

Published: July 13, 2020

Two months after undergoing open heart surgery, host and journalist Barbara Walters has made her first public appearance, the BBC reports. Appearing on her show ‘The View’, Barbara was broadcast from her home in New York, and let everyone know she is “fully recovered” and “happy to be alive”.

“It’s two months today since I had my surgery and I am fully recovered!” RadarOnline quotes her as saying. “I had to do it…There are four valves and one of the valves in my heart was getting very narrow so the blood could not be pumped out and it would be very dangerous. You can go for awhile, but then you go like that [snaps her fingers]… die.”

Barbara will remain on leave until September, when she will return to host ‘The View’.

Barbara underwent an open heart surgery in May to have a faulty valve fixed. She didn’t let her colleagues and fans know about having the procedure, until just before. “I thought it best not to talk about it too far in advance,” she said at the time.

“A lot of people have done this and I have known about this condition for a while now. My doctors and I have decided that this is the best time to do the surgery. Nobody wants to have this kind of surgery. It’s not elective, like getting your face lifted. But it’s an operation that’s done so often and I have very good doctors and the support and love of my daughter. I’m glad it’s going to be over with. It’s going to be taken care of.”

Celebrities who have heart problems include Jennie Garth, Star JonesRobin WilliamsBill Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor.

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