Children affect the exercise regime of heart patients negatively, research says

Published: July 22, 2020

According to a new health report published by, people who love with children experience less physical activity. The research was carried on 756 participants at the Montreal Heart Institute with Dr. Simon L. Bacon as the lead researcher. The findings of the research suggest that people who have heart diseases and children do less exercise than people who do not have children in their home. Everyone knows the advantage of exercising but still many people do not follow a strict regime and the researchers wanted to find out the possible reasons behind this. The two major conclusions were drawn from the study and they stated that having a spouse in home has no impact on the fitness regime while having kids in home has negative effects.

The health report in suggests that people with heart diseases should be motivated to exercise so that they do not have to suffer in the future. Dr Martin Juneau thinks that the research is an incentive for the people to start acting towards their health and says that “Since parents serve as models for their children, it’s essential that we urge them to be more active so that their family members will do the same. Some of our patients change their lifestyle habits and choose to put health at the centre of their lives. The cardiac rehabilitation program at the MHI’s Centre for Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity — also called the ÉPIC Centre — was designed specifically to help patients integrate exercise into their daily lives.”

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