Kendra Wilkinson regains Playboy bunny body after losing the last of her baby weight

Published: February 24, 2021

Former Playboy Playmate Kendra developed a case of the bunny blues when she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, but 14 months down the line the the feisty blonde is happy in her skin again.

All new mothers are keen to shed their excess baby weight, but for celebrities living under the scrutinous public glare the pressure is even stronger. This obsession to lose the excess pounds in the blink of an eye has sparked an unhealthy trend among new mothers, regardless of whether they frequent the red carpet or not.

These women put themselves through gruelling diet and exercise regimes in a bid to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, often with detrimental results. Not so long ago the media was filled with stories of reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian’s collapse, a result of the extreme measures she adopted to slip into a bikini for a fashion shoot.

Kendra, who is 5’4″, gained a considerable amount of weight during her pregnancy, but not long after giving birth she appeared impossibly trim and toned —  and apparently 25 pounds lighter — in a bikini on the cover of OK! magazine. “Getting into a bikini in only eight weeks was definitely nerve-wracking,” the former Playboy Playmate said of the experience.

Still not happy with the post-pregnancy changes to her body, Kendra kicked off Season 2 of her reality show by slipping into a not-so-sexy blue plastic sauna suit in a desperate attempt to sweat away some baby pounds. ”Do you realize that in a month I haven’t shed one f**king pound?” a very frustrated Kendra asked her hubby. “What the hell is this?”

Manufacturers of sweat suits claim that by donning the outfits during a workout you sweat more, increasing your metabolism and calorie burning, while at the same time ridding your body of nasty toxins.

While it’s hard to believe that Kendra’s suit played that big a role in her regaining her  figure, 14 months have passed since she gave birth to Hank and she has revealed how she finally managed to shed the last 10 stubborn pounds — in just two weeks — and with no wonder suits involved.

She told OK!: ‘I always thought I needed to be on some specific diet. But I’ve noticed that it’s all about where you are and what you’re doing in life.

‘If I want to eat junk food, I go to the gym. If I’m taking a break from working out so hard, I eat more salad.’

Sounds sensible enough.

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