Courteney Cox Arquette joined forces with husband to quit smoking

Published: November 02, 2020

‘Friends’ star Courteney Cox Arquette revealed that she never tried to quit smoking before, even though she was fully aware that it was bad for her. She once confessed: “Not that cigarette themselves are good, but, when you smoke, you go into another room, sit down, breathe in and take time out. It can stifle your feelings. I was just so used to stifling my feelings by smoking. But when I gave up, I couldn’t hold it any more.”

The actress best known for her role as Monica Geller on the sitcom ‘Friends’ made the decision to quit the nasty sticks the day before her husband David proposed. Whitney Smith, Arquette’s assistant, revealed in USA Today in 2001: “They knew they’d both have to do it together because it is hard for one person in a relationship to quit. So whatever it is this guy did it worked, because to date they are two years smoke-free.”

Both Courtney Cox-Arquette and husband David Arquette finally turned to hypnosis to get rid of this life threatening habit. . The ‘Friends’ stunner and her then-boyfriend wanted to quit their habit after struggling with other methods like the nicotine patches.

The pair flew to Boston where a hypnotist put them under such a strong spell that they have never smoked again. After attending the seminar she professed enthusiastically: “I only wanted to quit if it was easy. I did feel different inside afterwards and I’m not smoking, so it must have worked.”

She credits herself for the long battle she had to undergo to quit this habit. When she was asked whether she ever get the urge to fire up again? The star confessed ‘I want to smoke right now. It hurts.’ But she is determined to keep up the good work and fight till she succeeds.

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2 Responses to “Courteney Cox Arquette joined forces with husband to quit smoking”

  1. bambambiggabean

    02. Dec, 2009

    she didnt know it was bad for her? I didnt think she was a moron too, but at least she did make the final dive and quit cigs. last thing I heard she was using electro cigs I wonder if there are bad effects for them as well.

    I did see a list of negatives in using them.

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  2. Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

    03. Aug, 2010

    Continually writing like this will draw in a lot of viewers keep up the good, work.

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