Christina Applegate’s “major sideffect” of early stardom is smoking

Published: October 31, 2020

Christina Applegate has starred in numerous productions, including the 2005 Broadway revival of the musical ‘Sweet Charity’ picked up the life threatening habit when she was just 16 years old. Applegate calls her habit “the major, major side effect of early stardom.” She was so involved in the nasty habit that once while attending a function asked whether she would be allowed to smoke. A reputed magazine once quoted “The tattoos (three at last count) and the cigarette habit are remnants of her wild-child phase”.

Later the lead character Samantha Newly in the ABC sitcom ‘Samantha, Who?’ had to quit the habit before undergoing a double mastectomy in a bid to get rid of cancer. She stopped smoking when she received her health news but it proved difficult to break an addictive smoking habit. Applegate, who used to be a chain smoker, couldn’t hold herself back for long and shocked her fans when she was spotted smoking just months after beating cancer.

The actress herself admitted that she was devastated when photographers caught her smoking. She confessed in an interview with People magazine in May 2009: “It’s been very painful because I feel it was discounting all the work that I’ve done. The day I found out I had cancer I quit everything that was bad for me that I was putting in my body.”

She revealed that she has avoided smoking since her diagnosis and that it was a “rare slip up”. “Over the last year, with everything that’s happened, there have been a couple of times that I’ve slipped up. That was one of those rare occasions - and of course they got the picture,” she said.

She admits that she is ashamed of her habit and vows to continue the struggle with her smoking till she finally gives it up.

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