Rapper TI and wife to aid Alzheimer’s sufferers

Published: October 04, 2020

After recent arrests over alleged drug offences, Grammy Award winner Rapper T.I. and his wife have turned their attention to raising money for their family’s new Alzheimer’s disease charity.

The rap star, real name Clifford Harris Jr. and wife Tameka Cottle recently held a dinner party on Sunday to launch the new organization called “For The Love Of Our Fathers” which was inspired by their fathers’ personal battles with Alzheimer’s.

In an interview he said, “It’s very, very personally close to our family and while I was, you know, while I was going through my … period of hiatus, Tameka had the idea of … starting this foundation. And I thought it was an outstanding idea”

The couple wish for the charity to raise money in aid of research and relief to caregivers involved with Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Cottle’s father, Charles Pope was the spark that set her on the path to creating the charity as he has the neurological disorder which currently has no cure and the effects of which are irreversible.

T.I.’s father and grandmother also suffered from the disease before they passed away.

It seems the troubled rapper is looking to make a positive turn in life after previous arrests. In 2007 he was caught purchasing guns on his way to an award ceremony and while under supervised release from that incident he was arrested last month on alleged drug charges.

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Read more about Alzheimer’s disease.

Other celebrities who have been arrested on drug-related charges include Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

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