Whitney Houston said to cancel concerts due to drug relapse

Published: April 11, 2020

Whitney Houston cancelled her concert in Paris last week due to illness. According to her record label, RCA, the star was taken to hospital with a respiratory infection, although several sources in France claim Houston was admitted due to nose and throat problems, the BBC reported.

“Upon medical advice, Whitney has been advised that she cannot perform to allow her time to recover,” RCA’s statement read.

Houston has faced a very long and public battle with drug addiction in the past, exacerbated by her turbulent marriage with singer Bobby Brown and their subsequent split after 14 years. Her European “comback“ tour was widely anticipated by millions of fans.

Recent events have prompted many to ask whether the diva may actually be experiencing a drug relapse. In Touch magazine printed reports from an onlooker at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in LA, who claims to have seen Whitney snorting cocaine in the company of her ex-husband just a month ago.

Whitney Houston is said to be on a drug relapse

Eyewitness Marlon David told the news provider: “I saw her pull a plastic bag out, put a folded bill to her nose and discreetly snort a line from it of what to me certainly looked like cocaine. She’s extremely thin and looks like a disaster. She’s a hot mess.”

The star has dismissed the claims as “ridiculous“ and said she was “feeling great“. Speaking to People, Houston added: “My health is terrific, but this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.”

Other celebrities who have battled addiction include Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Elton John, Jesse James and Kate Moss.

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