Amy Winehouse smokes despite health problems

Published: November 06, 2020

Amy Winehouse, who is famous for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including soul, jazz and rock & roll, was spotted smoking after she was diagnosed with a condition that could lead to the early stages of a serious lung disease. Fans were shocked as they couldn’t believe that even after reports of being affected by a deadly disease, the star was smoking in public just days after being released from hospital.

Amy’s father, Mitch, incorrectly said in mid-2008 his daughter’s smoking habit had caused her to have emphysema. Amy’s publicist, however, was quick to correct her father’s comments, instead stating that Amy had symptoms and signs that could lead to the early stages of the lung disease.

“With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up,” her father told Britain’s Daily Mirror. He further added: “The only things that can go into her lungs are fresh air. She faces a stark choice - either she sticks to it or she won’t sing again.”

The smoking habit of the singer led to traces of the disease that generally affects middle-aged and elderly people, of which smoking is the leading cause.

Amy, who is best known for her soulful, powerful contralto vocals, also has a history of drug abuse, including smoking crack, which may have contributed to her illness.

Whether the singer will actually quit smoking remains to be seen. Amy has, however, generally begun taking steps to improve her life, including claims she is trying to get clean.


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