Amy Winehouse: addiction

Published: November 27, 2020

Amy Winehouse has reportedly been clean for over a year now thanks to an intensive rehab session and a long stay on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. So astounding was her sudden disappearance off the scandal news pages that rumours began circulating that she may be dead.

Her dad Mitch, in the meantime, started his own campaign and battle against drugs.

Speaking to the British government’s Home Affairs Committee during a discussion about the cocaine trade last month, he pointed out that not everyone in the UK is fortunate enough to “afford the best doctors, clinical psychologists, rehabilitation and hospitals”, the BBC reported.

The former cab driver is now in the process of making a documentary about heroin addicts in the UK who are not so wealthy and implied in his speech that there are flaws in the British healthcare system that make it harder for these individuals to kick the habit.

Mitch also recently remarked that not enough credit is given to his daughter for her recovery, which was allegedly all down to her determination.

So, Amy is party-free, Blake Fielder-Civil-free and most importantly crack-free. But it seems old Wino just can’t seem to do anything in moderation.

Mr Winehouse told Bang Showbiz that his gal has now developed a more “positive addiction” - exercise - “I mean boy is she fit. Really, really fit,” he added.

Apparently the star spends 3 to 4 hours each day in her own personal gym. Excessive? Not according to the Mitch, who claims that “everything is under control at the moment”.

Indeed. And what of her new love for plastic surgery? The singer’s bust seems to have grown by at least two cup sizes, though of course Amy has denied having gone under the knife.

Denial is a term that seems to very often fall into association with Winehouse. Last summer she spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about her stint at the Essex Clinic, during which she apparently did not stop taking drugs:

“I’ve never been to rehab, I mean, done it properly. I’m young, and I’m in love, and I get my nuts off sometimes. But it’s never been like, ‘Amy, get your life together’.”

Other celebrities who have had plastic surgery include Pamela AndersonHeidi MontagDita von TeeseMegan FoxDemi Moore and Sharon Osbourne.

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