Kat Von D and Jesse James Split Whilst Still In Love

Published: July 26, 2020

There must be unhappy dust in the water over at celebrity towers this last week, as another celebrity couple has only gone and split up.

This time Kat Von D and Jesse JamesSandra Bullock’s ex-husband have revealed that they have split, despite being engaged to wed later this year, blaming the long distance nature of their relationship for the fracture.

42-year-old James – host of Monster Garage – admits that he’s unhappy about the situation. “I’m so sad because I really love her. The distance between us was just too much.” Quirky beauty Von D is a famous tattoo artist and host of reality TV show, LA Ink that is shot in Los Angeles. While James lives near to Austin, Texas with his three children from two previous marriages.

Kat von D

"Vixen" - Kat Von D

Other celebrity couples that have just severed their ties include Jay-Lo and Marc Anthony; and more recently Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, whose break up was publicised just yesterday.

Kat and Jesse seemed like the ultimate rock & roll couple. Their relationship began last year and they were quick – clearly too quick – to announce their engagement in January this year. Then just last month there were rumors afoot that the couple might be calling the impending wedding off but Jesse disputed this saying, “That is absolutely not true. We’re still going strong. Things are completely good with us.”  Clearly not that good, Jesse.

James called Von D “a vixen”, whereas in his book American Outlaw he described previous wife Sandra Bullock as “a predictable wife” whose idea of an exciting evening was watching a new release DVD at home. The long winter evenings must have flown by.

Sandra Bullock - "predictable wife"

Perhaps, if James and Von D are really so in love, and let’s be all gooey and old-fashioned and hope that they are actually (in a cynical world of cursory celebrity amalgamations) fond of each other. Then they will realise that location, money and career are not really so important as being with a special someone.

Kat Von D and Jesse James - split

Von D tweeted the news of the separation: “I am no longer with Jesse and out of respect for him, his family and myself, that’s all the info I’d like to share. Thanks for respecting that.” She also sent a message to Chandler – James’s daughter – on Twitter, that simply read “Kisses to both of you!!!” And Chandler responded with emoticons of a sad face and a broken heart.

It’s no fairytale world but I don’t think geographical location should be a valid excuse for a good relationship to dissemble.

Fingers crossed for Kat and Jesse.

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