The cosmetic surgeries of Pamela Anderson

Published: September 02, 2020

Starring in the passionate dreams of millions around the globe, Pamela Anderson was the new face of glamour and provocative modelling. Performing various roles in her life including that of an actress, model, show girl, producer, author and activist, Pamela Anderson is an iconic depiction of the words ‘sex symbol’. Born in Canada in 1967, Pamela Anderson was a part of many successful television series that included ‘Home Improvement’, ‘Baywatch’ and ‘VIP’ that was broadcast all over the globe.

Transitioning from a teenage stunner to a well endowed bombshell, Pamela Anderson fuelled the imaginations of millions of fans around the globe. The world recognizes this sex symbol for more then her talents on the screen – the slow motion run along the beach featured on ‘Baywatch’ will forever be etched in the minds of jaw dropping teenagers and men all over the world. People who have seen Pamela in her yesteryears would be aware of the marked change that has come in her physicality.

Reports have shown that this sultry lass got her breasts augmented through a number of surgeries and drastically altered her appearance. Certain sources suggest that a total of three surgeries done on her breasts have led to what the world today knows as her twin talents. Even though silicon implants were banned by the FDA a while back, Pamela Anderson does not feel that they would be responsible in causing a detrimental affect on her health. Studies and research conducted on silicon implants have not been fully able to confirm their negative effects on the human body. Although the increased weight in the body and the sudden change does cause some aching and problems for the back.

However her breasts are not the only part of herself she has had “improved”, even though she systematically denies having any other work done. For many, though, the fact that she has had botox in her lips and several facelifts is undeniable. Nevertheless, it is her breasts that she is the most famous for.

Crafted to the set the dreams of men ablaze, Pamela Anderson’s augmented breasts are the work of plastic surgeons and have directly or indirectly been responsible for a major spurt in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Pamela Anderson has also been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which she claims she contracted after sharing a tattoo needle with then-husband Tommy Lee.

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