Lindsay Lohan released back into the mall

Published: June 29, 2020

Lindsay Lohan has officially been released from house arrest. The actress, who is to turn 25 on the 2nd of July, has done the time in her lovely Californian townhouse and even let out early because she is a nonviolent offender.

Lohan was sentenced after pleading no contest to stealing a $2,500 necklace from a shop.

Apparently California is experiencing some budgetary and jail overcrowding issues. The method for calculating time behind bars also applies to home detainees, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told People magazine. Her original sentence called for four months in jail but it was ruled instead, that she could serve it from the comfort of her own home.

Lohan before she discovered drugs, alcohol and theft

“She completed her home detention today and she’s now back under the supervision of the courts and probation,” said Whitmore.

But it’s not all over for poor old Linds. She’s still got her community service work at a women’s shelter in LA to think about and the much-anticipated janitorial duty at the LA county morgue.

Her representative says: “She is very focused on resuming her community service obligation.”

She is apparently also going to continue psychological counselling, ordered by the court, and will undergo a program called Shoplifters Alternative.

Lohan remains on probation for her Driving Under the Influence charge in 2007, but is apparently no longer subject to random drug and alcohol tests.

After being charged with stealing the necklace, the Mean Girls star released a statement saying:

We don't know what the necklace Lindsay stole looks like, but maybe it was something like this.

“I am glad to be able to put this past me and move on with my life and my career. I support the judge’s decision and hold myself accountable for being in this situation.”

Lohan added that she has already begun her community service at a women’s center and says she hopes to “fulfill my obligation without any press attention.”

“I think the media spotlight should be on issues such as homelessness and domestic violence instead of on me,” she said.

She’s not wrong there. But for some reason people just can’t get enough of car crash celebrities. Linds should clean up her act and make a decent film, in my opinion, then we can all move on.

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