Charlie Sheen watches Super Bowl, alone and sober

Published: February 08, 2021

Charlie Sheen is trying to mend his ways, which is why this Super Bowl season, he will not be hosting any crazy parties, but just watching the (harmless) action.

Sources close to the actor told TMZ that there will be no girls, no gambling and no alcohol at the Sheen house this year. Apparently Charlie will just be hanging with “his team” and watching the game.

Rumors of a party at the L.A. mansion last week have also been quashed, as TMZ found out. A neighbor was just having a party for his daughter, while Charlie was in bed by 11 PM.

Astounding? Yes. In fact, Sheen seems to have changed his ways so much that he is even trying to introduce healthy behavior into the debauched “porn theater”. According to TMZ, the Two and a Half Men star watched the Super Bowl on his big screen instead of an adult movie.

TMZ has acquired a photo of the star posing on a red velvet couch in the private cinema, grinning, with a bottle of Gatorade in his hand…and no porn stars in sight.

While Sheen seems to be moving forward, his past may still catch up with him. The actor insisted last week that he will never share details of his debauched lifestyle. But it looks like someone else might.

One of the five porn actresses, who accompanied Charlie on the recent 36-hour binge, which led to his hospitalization and admission into rehab, is apparently looking to rake in some cash off the experience.

According to The Sun, Kacey Jordan, is in talks to recreate the wild party in her next X-rated movie, for which she may earn “tens of thousands of dollars”. Producers failed to persuade the other four girls to take part but Kacey has signed up, according to US reports.

An insider apparently said: “Initially, the studio offered Kacey an incentive of close to $100,000 to lure the five porn actresses who were with Charlie to star in the film.

“The direction of the project changed, so now Kacey will do an adult film about her own encounter with the Hollywood actor.”

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