Anonymous threaten Facebook with Guy Fawkes style action as international anarchy descends

Published: August 10, 2020

The world is descending further and further into chaos on a daily basis; wars ravage north Africa and the Middle East; China is stepping up its ‘big brother’ program by imprisoning journalists in a bid to crush any thoughts of rebellion; America is following similar lines with illegal and invasive TSA body searches at airports championed by Janet Napolitano and her Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cronies, a clamp down on organic farming (s510 bill) which is making the mass Genetically Modified crop growers stronger, their producers (Monsanto et al) even more powerful and punishing humble family businesses which have thrived for many generations, not to mention their failing economy which looks set to send the whole western world into financial oblivion.


Spain has seen the introduction of a new private police force in Catalunya – MOSSOS – which is more like a para-military group than police, and they enforce the law very heavy handedly with full blown machine rifles and hand guns for added intimidation.

Common scenes in the UK at the moment with London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol under siege by rioting youths.


The UK is currently facing growing unrest amongst its youth after the killing of a protester last Thursday sparked riots in London on Saturday and subsequent copycat vandalism and anarchy in Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol. The Prime Minister was busy having his photo taken with English sycophants while on holiday in Tuscany at the time the riots began and it has taken him four days to return to London where he’s called a cabinet meeting in which it was proposed that a state Martial Law be imposed until order is restored.


David Cameron (or Camoron as one commenter called him) wants the army and additional police forces in place to combat the rising violence but with police forces around the country already stretched (and facing lay offs) what he could really be ushering in is the dawn of private police forces like the Catalunyan MOSSOS; a move which would push the country closer to a state of permanent Martial Law and ultimately bring the level of control over the citizenship those super-people pulling the governmental strings on a global level have craved since the end of the Vietnam War.


The British media are doing their utmost to keep the black and Asian contingent out of the papers by showing pictures of white youths doing the damage, a move which is causing the public to question the validity of the news providers and highlighting the mess Britain has become thanks to over political-correctness.


All this is occurring on a physical level but in the virtual world of the internet a war has also been raging for more than two and a half decades.

There is a war raging for control of the internet.

Most recently we have seen bills passed through American Congress (the Internet Blacklist) which are aimed at controlling what people are allowed to search for, what types of pages they can view and where they can get their information from. China has been leading the way with internet blackouts and has successfully blocked any traffic from outside their borders with stringent policing ongoing.


Google has also been accused of being a government cell and there is a modicum of evidence which points towards that, not least cookies which have a 130 year life span and monitor users’ internet behaviour and movements, flagging them when they steer away from the ‘preferred’ course.

Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook are the new Reich according to people in some quarters.

The latest to be accused of offering information to government agencies is our dear friend Facebook, the social network site of choice. The implications of illegally sharing individuals security have been levelled by the Anonymous movement, a group of digital anarchists (read as hackers) who wish to end Mark Zuckerberg‘s empire and plan to do so on November 5th; the day Guy Fawkes famously attempted to blow up British parliament buildings in the hope of bringing down the government.


Guy Fawkes was the inspiration behind Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s creation, V for Vendetta, a graphic novel which depicts the battle of a lone, anonymous anarchist against a Hitler-esque, Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ regime. Unlike Guy Fawkes he managed to succeed where his inspiration failed and en route to doing so built an army of followers who descend on London wearing matching masks (the smiling face of the theatrical comedy and tragedy masks) and take on an army of riot police, overthrowing the corrupt powers that be.

The face of Anonymous.

Though the story doesn’t have a happy ending for the protagonist, known only as V, his legacy is freedom for the nation from the tyranny of the fascist government; a state which America and, to a lesser extent, the UK now find themselves under.


The introduction of Martial Law in Britain is imminent but the government is using the riots, some of which were undoubtedly incited by cointelpro (as witnessed during the G20 protests in the UK and Canada – caught beautifully and unashamedly on camera in the documentary, Into the Fire) as a way of pushing forward their agenda to subdue the population en masse and finally end all rebellion.


As for the Anonymous splinter group, 4Chan-Offspring, and their threats against Facebook, we have seen tests to that effect recently when Lulzsec (who have now sadly ended their entertaining ‘hacktivism’) closed down CCP’s Eve Online servers for several hours and even better still managed to hack the CIA’s website, closing it down for almost a day.

Perhaps the UK riots were premeditated by governmental agencies.

With so much unrest and rebellion suddenly coming to the fore one has to ask if the people truly are taking the power back in the best way they can, or if our so-called leaders are using these riots, wars, food prices, recessions and ‘hacktivists’ to further their own agenda of globalisation.


One thing is for sure, the poor are an injured animal at the moment and we all know what happens when you try to corner one of those.

Please share your thoughts on the American financial crisis, the UK riots and Anonymous’ threats against Facebook by leaving a comment.

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