Gavin DeGraw suffers broken nose after assault in NY

Published: August 09, 2020

As the violence carried out by rebellious youths angered by the fatal shooting of a peaceful protester on Saturday evening in Tottenham, UK continues to escalate and some MP’s are calling for a state of martial law until the riots in London and Birmingham subside, another victim of violence is Gavin DeGraw who was assaulted in the early hours of Monday morning in New York.

Gavin DeGraw goes for a new look.

DeGraw was checked into Bellevue Hospital Center after he was viscously assaulted in the street. He is still recovering at the hospital where he has been treated for a broken nose and cuts to his face.

The rock musician was set to play with Maroon 5 and Train on Tuesday night at Saratoga Springs, NY but he has had to pull out due to his injuries and his publicist has eleased a statement explaining the situation. The NYPD have confirmed that DeGraw’s assault took place between 3:50 and 4:20am on Monday and that it occurred in the street, appearing to be a random attack.

A New York native, Gavin DeGraw was assaulted here Sunday night

DeGraw, who hails from South Fallsburg, NY and is signed to J Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment has enjoyed a healthy usic career since his first album, the 2003 Chariot which sold well worldwide. His follow up came four years later in the form of an eponymous 2008 record which charted at number 7 in the US charts.

DeGraw is currently promoting his new record Sweeter which he hopes will cement his position as a proven singer/songwriter, barring any further altercations involving broken noses and cut faces. Like all good singers, DeGraw should use this experience as food for songs and perhaps the sympathy vote might just pitch him higher up the charts.

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