Brigitte Bardot Defends Killer Dog Who Mauled Child

Published: August 15, 2020

Sixties sex symbol and animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot is on the wrong end of criticism again as she defends a bull terrier that attacked a four-year-old child, leaving her severely disfigured.

Bardot has appealed to the local mayor in Boulogne to lobby for Prince, a six-year-old dog considered highly dangerous, to be allowed the same rights as a human being who under similar circumstances would receive a prison sentence and not a death sentence.

Brigitte Bardot is considered an eccentric due to her commitment to animal welfare and involvement with various other controversial causes which have led to her being labelled both a racist and a homophobe.

She previously courted controversy after her accusation that Muslims were to blame for the declivity of France’s character and whilst it’s fairly easy to understand why she thinks this way, having lived for seventy-six years and watched as humans became more and more depraved, family values disappeared, crime rates soared and the world in general became a far less safe and beautiful place, thanks to the apparent ‘evolution’ of the human race, her case isn’t helped by the fact that her current husband used to be an adviser to the far right-wing national front party.

Brigitte Bardot: sex symbol, model, actress and a staunch advocate of animal rights.

But despite what some consider her eccentricities, her reputation for embodying French style during the 1950s and 1960s and as one of the original sex symbols of the era continues to endure, and when it comes to the welfare of animals, Bardot has been a fierce proponent for many years.

Prince’s owners and the parents of the mauled child have demanded that the dog be put down but Bardot insists that the dog’s life should be spared and given the same treatment that human beings are given, ie life imprisonment.

Prince, who attacked the child in her sleep, is currently being held in doggy death row, whilst he awaits lethal injection.

Prince’s owners bought him from a pet stop three weeks prior to the attack, and upon returning to the pet shop, found his previous owner had died of old age and that Prince had started eating his dead body.

Brigitte Bardot - asks for the same rights for animals that humans have.

Bardot is certainly not condoning the attack on the poor child, but it sounds like the pet shop are to blame for selling a dog with such a history to a family with a small child. Prince is an animal, if his owner dies and he has nothing to eat, meat is meat and meat is dinner. Human beings in dire situations have been known to do the same. It’s called survival. Prince didn’t kill his owner.

“We have abolished the death penalty for humans, so why should it continue for animals?” Bardot argues, “The dog should be held in prison for life rather than be put down.”

Bardot called the attack on the young girl “dreadful” but is demanding that Prince be ‘pardoned’ for his ‘crime’ and has launched a petition to try and save the dog’s life. She is of course being accused of showing more compassion to animals than to people.

An editorial that appeared recently in French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur accused Brigitte Bardot’s defence of the animal as “outrageous, shocking and sad”. Continuing “Our western world is so dehumanized that people prefer animals, especially dogs.”

Perhaps that is because dogs generally don’t wage war on each other, they don’t kill each other needlessly, they don’t torture and they aren’t paedophiles, and because human beings are destroying the very world in which they live. People are raped and murdered; children kidnapped and sold as slaves, teenagers are knifed and shot, wars rage and riots destabilise communities. Animals aren’t to blame for any of this, humans are. They are crimes perpetrated by humans. So what if people like Bardot want to protect them?

Brigitte Bardot: the 1960's French sex symbol stands accused of caring more about animals than humans. Someone has to.

I also prefer animals to human beings. That doesn’t mean I hate human beings or that I condone Prince eating the poor girl’s face off. It’s truly horrific and deeply tragic and I genuinely pity the child. But like Bardot says, why shouldn’t animals have the same rights as human beings? It wasn’t so long ago that racial segregation was considered ok and it was only through ceaseless campaigning that women were eventually considered equal and allowed to vote.

As an animal lover, I pray for the day when human beings finally realise that they share this planet with many other species, they don’t own it,  and they don’t have the right to retain power over animals just because they don’t cover their bodies in clothing, sit in front of computers all day, drive around in tin cans expelling toxic waste into the atmosphere, spend their lives watching grown men kicking a ball backwards and forwards between two nets,  or television programmes where they watch other people living fake lives instead of living their own, even destroying their own planet for themselves, their beloved children and everyone and everything else on it. They aren’t inferior to us, they are just like us, before we began thinking that we owned the place and assumed power over everything else on the planet because we can think creatively and were clever enough to build weapons that we can use to kill each other.  To see how great humans are, you only have to look at political regimes, football, soap operas, our obsession with appearance, war, and reality TV programmes. Just look at Warren Jeffs to see how great human beings can be.

Human power over other species is arrogant and very wrong. Just like burning women in the name of heresy and the Ku Klux Klan was wrong.

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