Katherine Jackson accuses lawyers of greed in latest Michael Jackson episode

Published: January 26, 2021

Michael Jackson’s Lawyers are “Greedy” is the claim being made by Katherine Jackson this morning.

In the continuing saga of who is going to get their grubby and rapacious hands on Michael Jackson’s estate, the late singer’s mother has called the lawyers who are handling the situation “greedy”. Lawyers – greedy? Who knew?

Katherine Jackson takes a swipe at "greedy lawyers"

Katherine Jackson also claims that they are filing lawsuits left, right and centre, in the hope of making a quick buck.

Since his death in 2009, the singer has managed to court almost as much attention as when he was alive, with a glut of sick people and corporations cashing in on his demise. Recently unreleased material and touring stage shows apparently ‘celebrating’ his life might be considered almost as tasteless as the now withheld footage of his autopsy.

It seems there’s a dollar in just about anything these days.

Before he died in June 2009, Michael Jackson was on the verge of financial disaster, but since his death his estate’s fortune has increased exponentionally. Last year it reportedly signed a $250 million deal with Sony Music to include unreleased music, DVDs and video games.

It’s a strange world – this one of media and celebrity. In any other situation, paedophile accusations would have destroyed a career, if not a life, but if you can sing and dance, and grab your crotch, your alleged actions in life seem somehow more forgiveable. Let’s ignore the accusations. I’m not sure John Wayne Gacy will have a Nintendo game for the Wii named after him any time soon.

Please share your thoughts on the handling of Michael Jackson’s estate at the hands of lawyers by leaving a comment.

Read more about Michael Jackson’s alleged plastic surgery addiction, his earnings after death, the anniversary of his death, fans outrage at the autopsy video and his doctor’s not guilty plea.

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7 Responses to “Katherine Jackson accuses lawyers of greed in latest Michael Jackson episode”

  1. friend

    26. Jan, 2011

    You know what? I’m sick of hearing the tart comments about the allegations against Michael Jackson. He went to court and that was it.

    Now until we hear anything from his “accusers” who have been largely silent since his death then it shouldn’t be talked about anymore.

    Why? Because he was exonerated and bringing it up without anyone accusing him again ie “the supposed victim” only smears the man.

    If they’re not saying anything then leave it alone.

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  2. Max

    26. Jan, 2011

    You can’t be serious! This man was accused, tried, and vindicated on all of the fourteen counts held against him, spent many harrowing months waiting for the verdict, lost an incredible amount of weight in the process, agonized over losing his beloved children-and then, when he was pronounced not guilty, far from picking up his career where he left off, it was destroyed. Though innocent, he had to leave his home and his country and was hounded to the far corners of the earth FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN’T EVEN DO.
    There was nothing to forgive yet he was not forgiven, not by the hoodwinked public, and certainly not by media rags such as yours.
    Your rant is senseless and in bad taste. Shame on you.

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  3. Anna

    26. Jan, 2011

    “Friend,” I agree 100% with your comment. To this publication, why don’t you go against the grain and actually write about the positive things that Michael accomplished instead of rehashing or commenting on the negative trash and false accusations of which he was found innocent on all 14 counts as well as what went down in 93? I do agree that everyone appears to be trying capitalize on him now that he is dead and are falling all over themselves to pay a tribute….of course, they are making money out the wazoo also. When he was alive the last 16 or so years of his life, he was shunned, joked about, and ridiculed. I agree with Mrs. Jackson about the greed. John Wayne Gacy……really….this was a man found guilty of heinous and barbaric crimes….the key word here is that Gacy was found guilty of horrendous and horrific acts. How can you even incinuate that Michael and this Gacy are in the same category because that is what you were saying by making this reference. You just have no idea of what the word truth and respect mean. Just give it a rest and move on. Michael is gone, and the world will never see another like him again. it is so easy to see the vultures as they circle and feed. That is what I see, and the vultures include the media and the paparazzi. It is time for complete truth, respect, and honoring of privacy in reporting regarding anyone….but hey….we all know that the “dirt” on someone…whether real, fabricated, or inferred is what the public wants to hear, right? It doesn’t work for me, and one day it won’t work for the public any longer either.

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  4. theinsidereporter

    26. Jan, 2011

    The way it goes is that for every lawsuit that is filed by the Estate turns into millions of dollars of legal fees that are paid to the lawyers who happen to be friends of John Branca who is a lawyer himself. The monies that these lawyers are paid are being paid from the money of Michael’s estate. What is happening is that the lawyers file these lawsuits and keep these cases going for as long as they can because they make over $500 an hour and every time motions are filed its hundreds of hours for all the cases being filed. This means frivolous lawsuits = millions of dollars that Michael’s children do not get put into the trust for the kids. Last year the Executors of the Estat pocketed over 32 million dollars of the top and Mrs. Jackson was less than hundred thousand so add it up who gets the money? The lawyers and John Branca. The difference is with Howard Mann and others is that he owns the rights to do this in which the others do not. Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s children get these proceeds to fight those that have taken over her sons Estate that was rightfully to be the kids legacy that Michael left for them not those greedy money grabbing executors and lawyers who hi-jacked it from the family with a Will that was supposed to be turned over to Michael’s new attorneys. Michael had a new will in 2004 and only a copy exists and the original cannot be found and John Branca is not named in that will. It’s not rocket science just follow the money for the truth so stop and think about….

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  5. Anna

    26. Jan, 2011

    After reading and thinking about your comments, theinsidereporter, everything is much clearer to me now, and I understand how it all goes down. Michael’s song “Money” came to mind as I was processing, and then I listened to song. Michael understood completely. Greed is the name of the game. God bless Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s children and all of the others who are truly trying to help them. How do you spell vulture??? Oh, yeah….l-a-w-y-e-r when we are talking millions of dollars. I know that there are some truthful and honorable lawyers so I don’t mean to put them in the same category, but they are few and far between when vast sums of money and power are involved.

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  6. shadowmia

    26. Jan, 2011

    When it comes to being greedy, no one out-greeds Katherine Jackson.

    For someone like her to accuse the executors of Michael jackson’s Estate of greediness is laughable.

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