David Lloyd appreciates ‘Anonymous’ tributes

Published: August 12, 2020

The man behind the man behind the mask, David Lloyd has spoken of his quiet delight at the Anonymous movement choosing his V for Vendetta protagonist’s visage as the face of their public image.

The group originally embarked on a mission to put a serious spanner in the Church of Scientology‘s cogs (yes the one so vehemently endorsed by Tom Cruise and John Travolta) but have since spread their net wider and are now targeting other organisations who they feel are part of a bigger program designed to strip internet users of their civil liberties.

Anonymous stage a protest outside the Scientology HQ in London in 2008.

A splinter ‘hacktvist’ group, 4Chan, have recently threatened to bring Facebook down on November 5th by way of a tribute not only to V but also to Guy Fawkes who was the original inspiration behind David Lloyd’s crusader for freedom.

Though opinion is divided about the hackers, with some saying they are a menace, others are backing their cause vociferously and David Lloyd is quietly impressed by their spirit and flattered that they have chosen his creation as their face, as he expressed in a recent interview with ComicsAlliance.

The man behind the mask, V is a symbol of freedom against oppression.

Lloyd first explained the origins of his character and the backdrop of growing support for the National Front; a right wing, racist movement which grew in popularity in the UK circa 1978 at a time when unemployment was increasing heavily but were really just a bunch of skinheads who believed they were superior because their skin was white and they were more patriotic than the average citizen, thus giving them the right to violently remove immigrants (mainly black and Asian people) at their own discretion.

Lloyd likened the National Front to the Tea Party brigade currently garnering so much attention in the U.S; a group not unlike Margaret Thatcher‘s dangerous and radical conservatives.

David Lloyd feels good about his artistic bent creating a real life rebellion.

In line with what Anonymous seem to be trying to achieve Lloyd was asked if Alan Moore’s perfect embodiment of Anarchy and sincerity in the character V would lead to an idealistic ‘personal freedom’ for every individual, he replied: “I never thought Anarchy would work as a viable way of running society, but it’s a great dream to think it could.”

“But, to maintain individuality of thought and action in a societial structure, and be unaffected by the oppression of conventional manipulation, is a fundamental need for everyone to maintain, and, for me, that’s the most important theme of the story.”

Lloyd also said it felt ‘good’ to be part of something which created a symbol that embodied the spirit of freedom and rebellion, and when asked of his opinion on the Anonymous movement and their aims he said, “They seem to be resisting oppression the best way they know how. I haven’t enough knowledge of them to offer a view of greater value.”

Alan Moore also offered his thoughts to Entertainment Weekly recently after Anonymous staged a protest outside the Church of Scientology HQ on Tottenham Court Rd in London.

“I was quite heartened the other day when watching the news to see that there were demonstrations outside the Scientology headquarters over here [in England], and that they suddenly flashed to a clip showing all these demonstrators wearing V for Vendetta masks. That pleased me. That gave me a warm little glow,” enthused the iconic comic writer.

Alan Moore got a 'glow' upon seeing Anonymous protesters wearing V for Vendetta masks.

Whatever your thoughts about Anonymous they are clearly taking the initiative and seizing some much needed publicity in raising awareness for their cause. Given the technology at their disposal it’s not hard to imagine them succeeding in their quest to liberate internet users from the illicit spying and information sharing which parasite government agencies are using against us on a constant basis.

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