“Drugged” Casey Johnson died in rat-infested house

Published: January 07, 2021

Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson family fortune who died earlier this week, is reported to have spent her last days in squalor.

The New York Post, sporting the headline “Poor little rich girl“ quoted a source close to Tila Tequila’s fiance as saying: “There are dirty dishes everywhere and rotting food. There is graffiti on the walls. The pool looks like a swamp.“

Johnson had allegedly been living without gas or electricity in a house surrounded by rubbish and overrun by rats. The 30-year-old also kept her Porsche hidden in the garage in order to avoid reposession, according to the news provider.

UK paper Metro reported that the Johnson family had cut her off due to her continuing drug problem, which is rumoured to have caused her death.

Though her demise made a huge impact on the media, it did not come as much of a shock to those close to her. A source close to Johnson told People magazine that the heavily indebted socialite’s behaviour in the months leading up to her death had been “erratic“ and that drugs continued to be an issue:

“Just a few months ago, she was living like a crazy person…People could barely be around her.“

The insider added: “She had so many ups and downs, but lately, it wasn’t very good. She tried rehab, wanted things to change … but it didn’t stick.“

Though officials claim the death was natural, results from further investigations are still pending and could take another six weeks, according to Metro.

In the meantime, her bisexual fiance Tila Tequila has been seeking solace in social-networking site Twitter, posting frequent updates and at one point saying: “You guys are right. I should really log off and take some time to rest now. Its just lonely without her.“

Earlier today, the reality TV star wrote: “I feel calm in knowing that my wifey is in heaven,“ and announced that tomorrow she is going to “celebrate life“.

It has also been said that Johnson was anti-anxiety medication, like actor Hugh Grant. There is now a debate over who will have guardianship of her adopted daughter Ava. According to E Online, the 3-year-old wasn’t even in the socialite’s care when she died, but was with Johnson’s mother, Sale, and is expected to remain there.

Other celebrities who died in 2009 include Stephen GatelyCasey JohnsonAdam Goldstein and Michael Jackson.

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