Monica and Shannon Brown Get Married - Again!

Published: July 15, 2020

Yawn yawn. Yet another massive wedding took place over the weekend. They seem to be tying the knot in their droves at the moment. This time the greedy couple - Monica and Shannon Brown – were actually tying the knot for the second time having already married in private last fall the couple held a more sensational ceremony for the benefit of friends, family and a few of their favorite celeby friends in LA at the weekend.

Their celebrity line-up included fellow sportsmen Kobe Bryant, one of Shannon’s Los Angeles Lakers teammates, and NBA’s Carmelo Anthony, along with less sporty rap star LL Cool J, and NeNe Leakes ‘star’ of reality program Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Monica Brown wedded Shannon Brown - twice

The delighted bride reportedly said that the event had been a dream come true and was a spectacular occasion that all her family and friends could share and enjoy with them.

“I was just overwhelmed. I’m glad because I didn’t think about this 50 lb train that I was dragging behind me. I just had to take a deep breath, because I was really trying not to cry.”

The wedding took place in Vibiana Cathedral in downtown LA and had a blue wonderland theme.

In an interview, wedding guest Lala Athony – a good friend of Monica’s said that love was most definitely “in the air” and revealed that she was about to celebrate her own one-year anniversary with her husband Carmelo Anthony.

After the wedding, Monica is planning to auction off her dress and give the proceeds to breast cancer organization – the Susan G Komen Foundation – the world’s largest network of breast cancer survivors and activists.

Monica and Shannon Brown - the happy couple

The honeymoon is being spent in a secret location unknown even to the bride. Close friend Ludacris (who couldn’t make the wedding) sent his private plane to magically transport the ecstatic couple to an exotic location which turned out to be Anguilla, an island in the Caribbean.

Monica became famous after her duet with Brandy The Boy is Mine became a hit back in 1999. Shannon is famous for playing with a ball.

The couple met last summer during the filming of the pop video for Love All Over Me and became engaged in October last year. Both have children from previous relationships.

So despite being 25 and 30 respectively they already have offspring and got married within a few months of meeting one another. A few short months is not nearly long enough for the dazzle to wear off and for the real personality of the other person to show through. I hope their romantic impudence pays off and the fairy tale wedding doesn’t end after the fairy tale honeymoon. There are not enough happy marriages in the world.


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