Charlie Sheen files for third divorce

Published: November 02, 2020

Charlie Sheen is filing for a third divorce after it was revealed that he and his wife separated the day of a  Christmas 2009 altercation which resulted in assault charges against the troubled actor.

Sheen was hospitalised in New York when security staff at a luxury hotel reported that his behaviour was disorderly and was followed a week later by his divorce.

The Two and-a-half Men star indicated that he was filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences between him and his wife Brooke Mueller Sheen.  He also stated that the couple made prenuptial arrangements which were logged in a Los Angeles court.

Sheen wants joint custody of their twin sons but is requesting that his wife does not receive spousal support.

The son of Martin Sheen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor third degree assault in August at a hearing in Aspen, Colorado after an altercation with his then wife, Ms. Mueller Sheen on Christmas Day. The separation date was listed as that night.

The judge orederd Sheen to serve thirty days in a rehabilitation centre, followed by thirty days probation and thirty-six hours of anger management therapy after dropping more serious charges against the actor meaning no jail time was to be endured.

Ms Mueller Sheen is said to have told the police that Sheen threatened her with a knife after she asked for a divorce.  He said the pair had argued as he was upset by her request, but that contrary to some reports he did not threaten to kill her.

Last week a highly intoxicated Sheen was hospitalised after trashing his room at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.  By the time officers arrived at around 1:30am he and a woman were found in the room amidst destroyed furniture.

The woman told police that Sheen was shouting and throwing furniture when they returned to their suite after an all night binge.  Sheen’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield released a statement citing an adverse reaction to medication as the driving force behind the actor’s outburst.

He is currently on a family holiday with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their children.

Read more on our coverage of Charlie Sheen including his past drug addictions, the allergic reaction that led to his arrest, a night with a hardcore porn star and Brooke Mueller Sheen’s reported rehab.

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