Lindsay Lohan’s expensive spray tan lands her a lawsuit

Published: February 10, 2021

It doesn’t get any easier for Lindsay Lohan who seems to spend her life jumping from one boiling pot to another, getting singed by the flames on the way. Maybe that explains the tan.

Or maybe that’s down to some tanning sessions she had but allegedly never paid for. A company in Las Vegas have filed a lawsuit against the much-maligned movie queen after claims that she is still to settle a bill for two years worth of spray tanning between 2007 and 2009.

Doesn't she look healthy?!

Lorit Simon, the owner of Tanning Vegas said she spray-tanned Lohan regularly but after years with no payment has been forced to take legal action. Undoubtedly Lindsay meant to pay the bill but the cash and the receipt probably got swallowed up in the swirling vortex of chaos and destruction that seems to follow her every step.

Simon has demanded that Lohan pay the $41,031 debt, and cover the legal fees and lost interest while she’s at it.

This is the second time Simon has filed a lawsuit against Lohan as back in 2009 she accused the troubled-crankpot-magnet of stealing her secret spray tan formula and selling it under the Sevin Nyne label.

Of course you can imagine Lohan in her lab coat and goggles, Bunsen burner, gauze and tripod at the ready as she broke down the contents of the spray tan and reconstructed it in order to sell it herself. Not far fetched at all.

Lohan really is a publicity hawker however, and having recently escaped the clutches of rehab has just pleaded not guilty to the theft of a $2500 designer necklace from a boutique in Venice, California. As with all these cases she will do her media profile no harm at all, as there’s little in the way of good reputation to damage she won’t be overly worried.

The biggest problem with such attention is that it brings all the nutcases out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action too. There’s no doubt that the actress brings most of her trouble upon herself, and while not even attempting to defend her, a lot of what goes on is surely distorted by the cranks that try to vulture over the bones she leaves behind her every chaotic step.

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4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s expensive spray tan lands her a lawsuit”

  1. JVmFan

    10. Feb, 2011

    Speaking as a former pill head, Lindsay is NOT sober. She is TOTALLY STRUNG OUT on prescription drugs. I can see it!!!!There is a book called “Addict Nation” (written by sober TV Host Jane Velez-Mitchell) which has a whole section called “The Pharmers” discussing WHO profits off Americas addiction to prescription drugs. Lots of interesting data in this book. Amazon has it or

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  2. [...] Follow this link: Lindsay Lohan’s expensive spray tan lands her a lawsuit - Celebrities With Diseases [...]

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  3. jack

    10. Feb, 2011

    Very funny story about Lindsay Lohan at

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  4. Mark

    26. Sep, 2011

    What is wrong with Lindsay, she just can’t get her act together, she has got so much going for her but in reality she,s a train wreck, why does she feel she can get away without paying for stuff like the rest of us do. Cheers Mark

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