Lindsay Lohan’s accuser Dawn Holland sacked from Betty Ford Center

Published: December 22, 2020

The woman who accused troubled actress Lindsay Lohan of battering her has been sacked from her job as a chemical dependency tech at the Betty Ford Center.

Dawn Holland told TMZ that an official from the rehab facility had told her she had violated patient confidentiality and could therefore no longer work there on her $1,784.74 monthly salary.

Holland says she told the official: “I didn’t feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired.”

The official apparently replied: “We wanted you to keep this quiet.”

And why did she go to TMZ to sell her story in the first place, the news provider asks: “The story was already way out there in the open before I spoke.  If Lindsay is allowed to say, ‘Fire that bitch,’ I should be able to defend myself.”

News of the incident emerged after Dawn Holland told TMZ that Lohan had hit her on December 12th after the actress returned to her sober living quarters 10 minutes after curfew and also refused to take a breathalyzer. The case was taken up by the Palm Desert Police Department.

But Lohan is vehemently denying the accusations. According to TMZ, Lindsay is telling her friends and family, when she returned to the house, Holland grabbed her abruptly and pushed her so hard, Lindsay began to cry. She says that’s when she went inside the house and called 911.

Lohan also says she asked Holland to give her a breathalyzer test, but that the tech had refused to give it. She claims there are not only witnesses, but also surveillance camera footage to support her story.

TMZ has also obtained legal documents from Holland’s divorce last year in which her husband claims she cheated on him and physically abused him in 2008 when she “lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion.”

However, Holland’s husband is also said to have viciously attacked her and she has a restraining order against him.

In the meantime, things are looking good for Lohan. TMZ has learned the L.A. County Probation Department won’t go after her for the alleged battery unless she’s convicted.

According to the news provider, sources connected to the case say the Probation Department will not recommend to Judge Elden Fox that he violate her probation for the alleged assault when the 24-year-old actress appears in court on January 3rd.

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