Kendra Wilkinson tells of underage drug habit

Published: July 08, 2020

The release of Kendra Wilkinson’s new book ‘Sliding Into Home’ tells the reality TV star’s battle with a myriad of drugs. While she says he is happy with her current life – as wife to pro footballer player Hank Baskett and mother to her baby boy Hank Jr - the former Playboy model and ex girlfriend of Hugh Hefner admits to battling with drugs like crystal meth when she was underage.

“It’s been an uphill battle,” NY Daily News quotes her as saying. “And while life is great … before I can talk about the best of times, I need to tell you about the worst.”

In her book she candidly explains her partying lifestyle, her work as a stripper and her bout with drugs that began at the age of 13, shortly after her father left.

“The drugs and everything, that’s what found me and accepted me, but it wasn’t me,” CBS quotes her as saying. “I am that tomboy, I am that kid, that girl that loves sports. That wasn’t me so I grew out of that real fast.”

Working as an underage stripper while doing drugs is something Kendra justifies with remaining “a good person”, and claims she wasn’t a “druggie stripper”.

A near-death-experience with cocaine one night reportedly led Kendra to realize it was time to stop with the drugs.

“I was bleeding from every hole in my body, and I really thought I was going to die that night. But you know what, I survived, and I swear it was a couple of days after that that I had an epiphany. I just stopped drugs, stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped everything, and went home.”

Kendra has previously opened up about her bout with depression, suicidal thoughts, and admission into the psych ward.

According to the NY Daily News, Kendra checked into a psych ward at the age of 15 after suffering from suicidal thoughts. She was also cutting herself during this time.

“I had so much pain that I just wanted to die,” she said. “It wasn’t that I was trying to die, it was that the pain took away from my pain inside.”

Kendra, who is now 25 and the star of her own reality show ‘Kendra’, says she is exactly where she wants to be in life right now, and that the bad times are in her past.

“I have been through a lot and have gotten through it,” she said on ‘Today’. “I’m safe. I’m home. I am where I always wanted to be.”

Other celebrities who have battled with drugs include Lindsay LohanChris KleinCharlie SheenBen Affleck and Drew Barrymore.

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