New hope to cure tuberculosis in 50 years

Published: March 25, 2020

A recent discovery made by the researchers at the Sydney’s Centenary Institute has opened avenues for a new type of drug to cure Tuberculosis. According to, the breakthrough research has come into being in as many as 50 years. Scientists have studied the genetic structure of the disease- Tuberculosis and are hopeful to minimize the effect of TB on the patient. Apparently, the drugs presently available for TB remain inactive during the primary stage of the disease which is actually the latent phase. These drugs work with their full potential while the disease is in its active state and by that time much of the damage is done.

As per, if the new drug is proved to be a success, it will become the first treatment for Tuberculosis since the year 1962.

Chest X-Ray

Speaking about the new TB drug, Dr. Nick West, Associate Faculty of the Mycobacterial group at Centenary Institute said “We have investigated a protein that is essential for TB to survive and we have had some success in developing a drug that will inhibit this protein. Our goal over the coming months is to find out the full extent of this drug’s potential.”  The newest discovery made by the team of researchers has come as a delightful gift on the World TB Day, to about one third of the total population of the world, suffering from TB.

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