Kate Bosworth is skinny ‘because of stress’

Published: January 24, 2021

Being slim is increasingly becoming a number one priority for many women. And although medical professionals warn that an emaciated body is not something to aspire to, it continues to be the focal point of those in the acting and modelling industry, women more than men, and has become the means to outshine competitors and achieve success. However, many celebrities find their troubles only become worse once stardom status has been secured. Being in the public eye constantly causes additional pressure to look perfect all the time and try to remain on the right side of the media. Actress Kate Bosworth is just one of many celebrities to have fallen prey to these pressures.

The stress of aspiring to have the perfect Hollywood body led Bosworth to starve herself, and in 2006 newspapers were filled with photos showing the actress looking painfully thin. In an interview with Vogue, she talked about her problem, saying: “Whenever anything happens that’s very painful or stressful, we all lose weight—my mother, my aunt, my grandmother”, radaronline reported. The actress also once told Showbiz Tonight: “I think part of being an actress [is] that your body’s your tool”, according to People magazine.

Kate has never admitted to having an eating disorder, such as anorexia, and has always put her weight loss down to illness and having a stressful family life. However, in October 2006, the ‘Win a Date With Tad Hamilton’ star sparked a media frenzy when it transpired that she had bought children’s clothing to fit her tiny frame. The 23-year-old mother of a four-year-old son came under fire for not taking care of her health and projecting an unhealthy body image by not admitting she had a problem.

However, luckily for Kate, she seems to have overcome her issues at least to some degree. In 2007, the ‘Blue Crush’ heroine gained several pounds and has since tried to maintain her healthier figure.

Other ultra-skinny celebrities who have denied having an eating disorder include Nicole Richie and Keira Knightley. Calista Flockhart is among those who have admitted to battling anorexia.

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