Sexting revolution: Rihanna latest star in semi-nude photo scandal

Published: February 01, 2021

When will they learn? Rihanna has hit the headlines in a new photo scandal after cellphone pictures of her posing topless were leaked online, echoing a similar incident in 2009, when steamy photos of her, allegedly sent to her then-boyfriend Chris Brown, were posted online.

The R&B singer reportedly texted the latest batch of raunchy semi-nude pictures, which show her clad in just a pair of lacy panties in one and posing provocatively with her shirt pulled open to reveal her curves in another,  to her “unnamed popular sports star” former boyfriend when they were still an item.

According to Media Takeout, the first website to publish the pics, her ex — presumed to be Matt Kemp — shared the private pictures with his friends, who in turn must have seen it fit to share them with the rest of the world.

As harmless as the pictures may be — after all, celebs are not known for their modesty (think Lady Gaga, for starters) and their taking to the stage in the skimpiest of ‘outfits’ has become common fare — sexting is a risky business.

Sending sexually explicit photos, videos and chat by cell phone or online can have dire consequences. You may think your photos are only going to one person, but these risque pictures share much in common with a nasty virus: the tendency to spread like wildfire.

In the case of 22-year-old Rihanna, the leaked photos intended for Chris Brown’s eyes only, apparently resulted in Vogue pulling their decision to let her grace the cover of their mag. A disapointment for the star, perhaps, but hardly too big a dent in her ragingly successful career.

According to an Associated Press-MTV poll, a quarter of young people have been involved in sexting in some form, but what may start out as a bit of fun and innocent flirtation can, however, turn ugly.  This holds especially true for minors, who may unwittingly find themselves entering the realm of child

pornography and facing harsh sentences and even jail time. “Young people — especially teen girls — need to understand that sending inappropriate pictures is not only potentially illegal, but can leave an indelible mark on them socially and educationally,” State Assembly woman Pam Lampitt of New Jersey says.

So, next time you think of clicking on the ‘send’ button, think again and assume the worst. You could be saving yourself from future embarrassment, or worse.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. SandeePB

    01. Feb, 2011

    Little miss victim… She’s a ho and everyone knows it!

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  2. leeleeboo1

    02. Feb, 2011

    she is a w.h.o.r.e

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