Surviving breast cancer: Cynthia Nixon

Published: September 05, 2020

Cynthia Nixon is an actress of many talents. She stunned the world at the tender of age of 12,  debuting on the television show ‘To Tell The Truth’. From then on and until now, this award-winning actress has continuously pushed the envelope to give the world an admirably unique character with each and every role. Exploring the varied mediums of acting took Cynthia Nixon into the realms of television, films and theatre, making her a successful actress with a large fan following.

The winner of an Emmy, Grammy and the Tony Award, Cynthia Nixon has garnered critical appreciation along with numerous fans around the world, who closely follow her surging career. However, even though Cynthia Nixon had a number of popular television shows like ‘The Murder of Mary Phagan’, astounding theatre productions like the Pulitzer prize winning drama ‘The Heidi Chronicles’ and association with the stirring documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, it was the hugely popular series ‘Sex and the City’ that catapulted Cynthia Nixon into the international spotlight. Playing the part of the affable lawyer Miranda Hobbes, the Cynthia Nixon gave the world a new character to fall in love with. While being active on the acting circuit, Cynthia Nixon took on many roles throughout her career, she was forced to drop off the radar for a while in 2006 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nixon kept the illness very private, only telling the public of her fight against cancer  in April 2008 in an interview on ‘Good Morning America’. During the show she revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram examination in October 2006. After undergoing lumpectomy and almost six and a half weeks of radiation therapy, Cynthia Nixon was able to defeat breast cancer. After quietly battling her ailment, Cynthia Nixon is back and raring to go. After the success of ‘Sex in the City: The Movie’, she is set to once again take on the role of Miranda Hobbes in the second instalment of the Sex and the City movie, which will hit the screens in 2010.

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