Brooke Mueller reportedly in treatment facility for addiction

Published: January 28, 2021

Just the other day we reported that Brooke Mueller, after being released from hospital, would enter a spa to promote her healing and to get psychological assistance to help her deal with her issues following the domestic dispute with husband Charlie Sheen on Christmas Day, 2009.

Now is exclusively reporting that Mueller is in fact in a facility, but not for the reasons we originally thought. Radar Online claims to have sources close to Mueller who claim that she is actually in rehab for drugs and alcohol. Why? Multiple hospital sources and sources close to Mueller claimed friends of the actress brought drugs to her while she was in intensive care at the hospital.

Rewind: Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas day in Aspen, Colorado, after a domestic dispute, during which Brooke called the police, claiming the actor had threatened her with a knife. A protection order was served to keep Charlie away from his wife until a court hearing would determine what further actions to take. Two weeks later, Brooke was rushed to hospital after sustaining an infection from a recent oral surgery and with pneumonia. She was placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit, at which Charlie, after the protection order was altered, visited her daily.

Online gossip celebrity site Radar Online is now claiming that Brooke, who has been a previous in-patient for drug addiction, has relapsed. Not only was she allegedly drunk the morning of her fight (as was her husband, who has also relapsed after going to rehab twice for addictions), but she’s been using drugs again. says the star’s life has spiraled out of control once again, with her smoking crack before entering the hospital. But the fairytale doesn’t end there: the site also alleges that friends brought drugs to her while she was receiving care at Cedars-Sinai.

Claiming to have, verified the true situation surrounding Brooke through multiple sources, the site continues to quote one particularly close source: “After her friends tried to bring her drugs in the hospital we felt we had to get her out of L.A.”

The reported plan is to fly her to a treatment center in North Carolina.

Stay tuned for the next phase. We’ll keep reporting as long as the saga continues.

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Husband Charlie Sheen has battled addictions before.

Other celebrities with addictions include Johnny CashDrew BarrymoreLiza Minnelli,Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke, to name only a few.


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