22-year-old Billionaire Spends $85m on Mansion Insists She is Not Spoiled

Published: July 30, 2020

Petra Ecclestone – the youngest daughter of Bernie Ecclestone (a Formula 1 racing mogul) has bought a mansion previously owned by Candy Spelling but denies being spoiled.

The billionairess admitted during an interview with Good Morning America she is privileged but denies being spoiled, saying that there is a big difference between the two.

When asked why she acquired the tasteless monstrosity of a house (which was bought outright) Ecclestone replied “Firstly, it was a great investment. I got a really good deal, and it’s kind of like prime real estate.” The mansion, known as ‘Candyland’, is the most expensive home in LA and is a case of excess gone wrong. It consists of 6 acres of lawns, 57,000 square feet of living space including a bowling alley, swimming pool, tennis court, 100-car garage, and specialist rooms for flower cutting, gift wrapping room. Personally, I can’t imagine how peasants with no exclusive room for cutting the arses off flowers get by. Their self esteem must be awfully low. If I don’t have a wing dedicated to stem removal, I simply move.

Bernie and Petra Ecclestone - she just spent a trillion billion on a new pad for her and her accessories.

‘I’m planning to move to LA. I wanted to have an amazing home,” the blonde said in an interview. “I love accessories. I’m a girl. I love shoes. I love handbags,’ she enthused, and admitted to owning “a few” Hermes bags that can cost up to 65,000 bucks a piece.

Ecclestone is one of a glut of rich and affected heiresses living off their parents’ squillions but not content with being richer than everyone else in the world put together, twice, they are also desperate to have some kind of recognition to go with it. The Kardashians and Paris Hilton are cut from the same cloth.

On the subject of Hilton, Ecclestone seemed enthusiastic: “She’s, like, a really clever businesswoman.” Yes, well. Moving on.

Paris Hilton - she looks like a very astute business woman.

“When you bought that home, did it cross your mind that you could have built affordable housing for a thousand families?”, Good Morning America quizzed.

“I help as much as I can, but at the end of the day, however much the house has costed (sic), that’s not going to, I don’t know, like, change the world.” Erm, I think someone has been living in a bubble of billionaire party dust all their life. I imagine 85m bucks would be enough to make a substantial difference to quite a few lives. Oh and ‘costed’? Did a billionaire’s education not stretched to the correct usage of the past participle?

Petra Ecclestone's new pad - what every 22-year-old needs.

Mistress Ecclestone is also about to launch a range of handbags called ‘Stark’, which perhaps relates to her intelligence quotient. A new range of handbags ‘designed’ by a brat for spoiled princesses. Now that’s just what the world needs. Again. Let’s hope it ends up like her previous endeavour – a clothing range for men – in administration within 14 months of its launch.

‘I’m not spoilt. I’m privileged. And I think there’s a big difference,” the spoilt and over-privileged bimbo told Good Morning America.

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