Colin Farrell gets poetic at Liz Taylor’s funeral

Published: March 30, 2020

In what appears to have been a very private and personal funeral service for Elizabeth Taylor, a few unexpected names made the invitation list, most notably Colin Farrell.

After the service Farrell shed some light on his inclusion in the veteran screen star’s funeral and how he came to recite poetry as a way of waving goodbye to his friend.

“How did we become friends? You know, the old story of boy meets girl, and boy pesters girl with too many phone calls at inappropriate hours of the night,” explains the Irish actor.

“I was just lucky enough to become her friend in the last year and a half. I adore her…still.”

While others came and went, Liz Taylor’s iconic career stretched across generations and she left a legacy for fans and admirers to cherish. She somehow managed to stoke controversy and yet remain respectable and respected, despite her afflictions which included alcohol and prescription drug dependency.

For Farrell though the relationship was a deep one and the infectious actor clearly left a mark on his older lady friend. It was her wish that Farrell read a poem of her choosing at her wake and he did so at her request, albeit with much trepidation.

When asked about the poem The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo, he explained that Taylor requested the recital of the poem before she passed away.

“Elizabeth chose it,” he mused. “It was a tricky poem as well. Even in passing she had me under the thumb, sweating bricks.”

In summarising his feelings for the legendary actress he said, “I just miss her; I just miss her; I just miss her.”

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