Robert Pattinson claims he is manic-depressive

Published: July 09, 2020

Robert Pattinson is the object of desire for thousands of girls around the world. The sexy ‘Twilight’ star has oodles of fans following his every step, with many keen for an opportunity to see, touch or speak to the actor in person, let alone the ultimate dream come true: a date with Robert Pattinson.

Admiring the 24-year-old English actor from a distance might be a cleverer option, as Robert has recently revealed he believes he is manic-depressive, a condition he feels has a huge negative impact on his relationships.

While he has never been officially diagnosed, Robert is convinced his mood swings and bouts of depression mean he suffers from the illness, otherwise known as bipolar disorder.

People suffering from bipolar usually experience mood swings like going from completely irritated to sad and then returning to normal. This does not happen on a daily basis, as there are periods of normal mood in between. Along with unusual shift in mood, a person also feels low on energy, activity levels are low and so is the ability to carry out daily chores. Bipolar is one of the hardest mental illnesses to diagnose and treat. An interesting fact about bipolar is that many of its sufferers abuse alcohol, prescription medication and illegal substances.

In an interview with UK magazine New!, Robert explains how his illness becomes most evident when he is in a relationship. “You over-analyze everything - you analyze how if you say one thing, someone likes you, and if you say another, they don’t. You begin to experiment on people, which isn’t good for real life. I don’t think I’m very romantic any more - just manic depressive.”

Other celebrities who have bipolar are Ben StillerElvis Presley and rapper DMX.

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13 Responses to “Robert Pattinson claims he is manic-depressive”

  1. Twilight News

    09. Jul, 2010

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  3. Admiring the 24-year-old English actor from a distance might be a cleverer option… so some ones got to be stupid to get close to some with with bipolar?

    People suffering from bipolar usually experience mood swings like going from completely irritated to sad and then returning to normal…. ohhh sad is that all it is gee thanks for letting me know that, that will make it so much easier

    An interesting fact about bipolar is that many of its sufferers abuse alcohol, prescription medication and illegal substances….. so do a lot of people with out bipolar

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  5. Gwen Rainey

    09. Jul, 2010

    If he in fact does suffer from bipolar disorder, he should seek treatment. This article barely touches on the subject of how a person with bipolar truly acts. They have extremely dramatic mood swings. They can be in the bed crying and sleep for days at a time and then jumping for joy and basically boucning off the walls the next. They can be depressed about money and then go out on a spending spree, this being the manic phase.
    Bipolar disorder is a very real and often misdiagnosed disease. People who have this disease can be very violent and they can cause bodily harm to people around them when they are in their manic phases. When people are in their manic phases, nothing makes rational sense to them. They only see what they want to see.
    I have dealt with someone with bipolar disease my entire life. It is not something that anyone should have to deal with alone. It is often something that people won’t just say I think I have this, can you help me.
    I hope this isn’t true for Robert as I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone, but if he does have it I hope he seeks the treatment needed to moderate his moods and he can live a happy life.

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  6. Jen

    09. Jul, 2010

    Seems like he was kidding in the last paragraph. These seem to be out of context comments too. Poor Rob everything he says gets turned into stories like this?! I don’t believe he thinks he is manic depressive. Love Rob!

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  7. Betty2

    09. Jul, 2010

    Figures! Robert drinks, takes persciption drugs and does illegal drugs. There is no such thing as Biopolar. This is just another stunt to get attention. Shame on you Robert.

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  8. sara3308

    09. Jul, 2010

    I can’t say too much about this having suffered from depression myself from time to time. My boyfriend is bipolar and I see his ups and downs. Its not as bad as what some would think. You just have to kno the signs and what to expect. I’m not scared I’d hold him close;) so what if he drinks… He is a 24 year old being normal I would think. I love him his face his movies and his music! Romance takes effort but I’m sure he is romantic just from his music! I don’t think anyone says one day “hey I might have manic depression” he knos what goes on with himself, but the thing is, is that its hard to tell if he said this or someone else, either way I love him and his work!

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  9. marcie

    09. Jul, 2010

    it’s a joke people…not bipolar disorder, but his referring to having it! Rob always jokes around and talks cryptically. He’s just joking about why he sucks at relationships!

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  10. Linda

    09. Jul, 2010

    This seems like a story made from twisting his words and taking them out of context. Plus he jokes a lot. Leave Rob alone. i don’t buy this story at all. He seems like a nice, healthy, down to earth guy. Quit making up stories about him. Love him and his movies.

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  11. pjs411

    10. Jul, 2010

    To Gwen Rainey: Perhaps people with a diagnosis of Bipolar type 1 may have the extremes you are stating…especially with being violent to others & themselves. This is not the case with Bipolar type 2,3, or 4.
    With type 1, the patient also has hallucinations, hears voices, etc. Again this is not the case with the lesser forms of the disorder.

    To Betty2: You are a dolt, completely uneducated in regards to this disorder. Just the fact that you could state:
    ‘There is no such thing as Biopolar.’ illustrates your stupidity. You probably believe that the Holocaust didn’t happen as well.

    Chances are that Rob is exaggerating and does not mean to make light of this very real disorder or disrespect the people who have it. He may be moody at times or get depressed…it could be youth or who knows, he may be dealing with depression or a mood disorder
    By the way “Linda” you can be a very nice, “healthy”, down to earth person while having the disease (especially one of the lesser types) once it is diagnosed & medication prescribed. It is unfortunate that there is such a stigma against the people who have it. If there was a choice, just like having a disease like cancer, no one would choose to have any disease. It is not a choice, but people like Sting, Ben Stiller, & countless others famous & not, lead “normal”, productive, & happy lives.
    Educate yourselves people and never judge, especially if you have not been in that person’ s shoes.

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    • Gwen Rainey

      11. Jul, 2010

      To pjs411: Like I stated in my earlier post, I have spent my entire life around someone who has, according to your post, a type 1 diagnosis. I am simply going with my own personal experience with this disease.
      I am fully aware that a person can live a functional and normal life after a diagnosis and meds are prescribed. You make a lot of important points in your post. I can fully appreciate everything you said.
      I 100% agree with your comment to Betty2. People who think like that are the reason a lot of people who suffer from depression and/or mental disorders will not get the help that they very much need.
      Unfortunately in today’s society, people choose not to educate themselves and do fully pass judgement on anyone who ever mentions the word depressed.

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