Ben Stiller’s battle with bipolar

Published: November 23, 2020

Many celebrities have suffered from a type of mental illness, ranging from addictions to phobias to depression. Here we take a look at bipolar, a disorder that has affected artists, actors, musicians, poets and athletes.

Some of the celebrated actors who have experienced bipolar disorder include Linda Hamilton, Carrie Fisher, Jean-Claude van Damme and many others. But famous actor and director Ben Stiller has always been open about his disorder and commented on it in an interview with GQ in 1999.

In another interview to, Stiller confirmed that he suffers from bipolar disorder. Stiller once said, “I have not been an easygoing guy.

“I think it’s called bipolar manic depression.

“I’ve got a rich history of that in my family.

“Our family has publicly gone into therapy, so that’s out in the open”.

Known for his excellent comic performances in ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and ‘Meet the Parents’, Ben attempted to deny his own statements and tagged them as rumors time and again. He insisted in various other interviews that he is not suffering from maniac depressive illness and also said, as is quoted on one of his fan websites: “I said jokingly in GQ that I was, like, crazy and it came out as: Ben Stiller, bipolar manic-depressive!”

After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Ben underwent psychiatric medication to control his condition.

In many interviews, Ben admitted that he is bipolar and is undergoing treatments but at the same time retracted his own statements and denied the reports saying that he has a split personality. He once said that he dropped acid in high school and immediately phoned his parents to let them know about this incident. Both his parents admitted that they have undergone some kind of treatments and show possible signs of bipolar disorder.

Other celebrities who have bipolar are rapper DMX and Elvis Presley.

Read more about bipolar here.

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