DMX verbalizes battle with bipolar in songs

Published: December 25, 2020

Depression is an early symptom of stress and some tragic and turbulent times in someone’s life. Many noted actors, poets, musicians and artists have been the sufferers of bipolar disorder. One celebrity who has spoken openly about his bipolar disorder is DMX.

Famous rapper DMX, originally named Earl Simmons, suffered from bipolar disorder during his teenage years. Interestingly, he spoke about his illness through his music and relevant lyrics in most of his compositions. After being diagnosed as bipolar, Simmons spent much of his adolescence and early adulthood in and out of jail.

Simmons got success early in his life with his five famous hits including “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”, “Flesh of My flesh, Blood of My Blood”, “… And Then There Was X”, “Great Depression” and “Grand Champ”. DMX did it interestingly and wrote about his struggles in life and bipolar disorder on 1998’s “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”.

According to some reports, DMX’s extensive criminal record can be the result of his bipolar disorder and the lack of treatment he has undergone for it. He has always been hounded by legal troubles including his arrest in 2004 for the possession of crack cocaine and Deepakote. Though he openly addressed his disorder in his songs, he remained silent publicly over this issue and never said anything to confirm his mental illness and is fiercely private about the matter, especially in interviews. reports that during an interview, when asked about his disorder, DMX said quietly: “Waaaay too personal”. He’s silent for a second, then, abruptly, he laughs and stands: “I’m gonna have to beat you up now,” he announces. “Lock the door.”

In an interview, DMX once hummed his famous songs with few lines mentioning manic depression stage of this rapper.

Other celebrities who have bipolar include Ben Stiller and Elvis Presley.

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Author: John B. Mueller

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