NHS lauds potential new nicotine based anti obesity drug

Published: September 19, 2020

The British National Health Service [NHS] is currently lauding a breakthrough in counter obesity measures after a company developed a prototype drug which will allow smokers to kick the filthy habit without having to worry about gaining weight.

Just as well, because most smokers I’ve ever met are incapable of running the calories off; even the most meagre of movements is met with aneurysm-inducing coughing fits.

But there in lies one of nicotine’s greatest powers other than addictiveness – appetite suppression.

Nicotine is a great appetite suppressor.This guy wants to stay stick thin.

Smokers often love to gloat about their slimmer frames and the need to never eat thanks to their little white friends with ginger heads, while they slowly develop lung, pancreatic, throat and just about every other cancer going. But hey, at least they’re slim, right?

Looks like nicotine doesn't suppress everyone's appetite.

According to the NHS website the miracle anti-obesity drug is just a pipe-dream at the moment and there is no concrete research to indicate that an obesity miracle cure will come from nicotine. However, knowing how desperate the pharmaceutical industry is to keep us from our cash and how the food industry is to keep us from our health, it won’t be long before the FDA is approving another snake oil pill to give hope to, and encourage a growing population to do nothing but carry on eating badly and dodging exercise.

The NHS has high hopes for an anti-obesity drug extracted from nicotine.

For all the money spinning, public-deceiving tricks being pulled out of the bag at the moment, the only true cure for obesity is healthier eating and exercise. We live in a world of convenience food and entertainment devices which keep us from being good to ourselves. Sitting on the couch washing down pizza with sugary drinks is not the way to stay slim. Equally, while many jobs are office or factory based giving workers little opportunity to exercise, half an hour of yoga in the morning will do wonders, especially when followed by a simple and quick to make smoothie.

Healthy smoothie or pills that don't really help fight obesity? You decide.

The other approach which works is to take little steps towards your new lifestyle. Start the day with a smoothie everyday and leave it at that. A month later start going to yoga once a week. Walk to the local store instead of driving there.

Then start introducing better food during the day; eat more raw fruit and vegetables from organic sources so as to avoid contamination by treated fertilizers and pesticides.

Healthy living is guaranteed to combat obesity but Big Pharma snake oil is still unproven.

Most of all, view your weight loss as a long term investment in yourself. Don’t look for a quick fix because they NEVER work. Improving your life is a long game and it takes dedication, but the rewards are tremendous.

Please share your thoughts on quick fix drugs vs. healthier lifestyles by leaving a comment.

Read about healthy, alternative lifestyle such as Raw Veganism, Vegetarianism, Yoga, or try a little juice fast and a smoothie.

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