Anne Hathaway’s Hatha way

Published: September 26, 2020

Big screen beauty Anne Hathaway has become a role model for many young women worldwide with her glamorous yet girl next door looks. The Brooklyn born actress, best known for her roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada is a beacon of humility in an industry famed for its flamboyance.

The 27 year old, along with fellow Hollywood icon Jennifer Aniston, maintains her down to earth approach to life through Hatha Yoga, a style which links the body and mind equally.

The word Hatha is a combination of “Ha” meaning “Sun”, and “Tha” meaning “Moon” although other sources claim it also means “forceful”. It was developed in the 15th century by Yogi Swatmarama as a method of cleansing and preparing the body for a higher state of meditation.

The word yoga translates to bringing two things together and in the case of Hatha it means joining the sun (a symbol of masculinity) and the moon (a symbol of femininity). It is probably the most widely practised yoga style in the western world and it combines physical exercise with meditation to cleanse the body and relax the mind.

A lot of emphasis is placed on postures and yogic breathing which allows the mind to enter a state of peace and relaxation. The postures do not revolve around locking the body into positions for long periods and therefore it can be a very gentle introduction to the art of Yoga.

Yogic breathing is known as Pranayama. Prana means “life-force” and Ayama means “to lengthen” and this part of Yoga is developed over time to increase mental, physical and spiritual strength, all of which can lead us to happier and more fulfilling lives.

Some indications of Hatha Yoga working its magic are sparkling eyes, a slender body and a happy face, and one look at Anne Hathaway will tell you all you need to know.

It is recommended that you seek medical advice before starting any Yoga classes and always inform your Yogi of any conditions you have so that they can adjust your session to suit you.

Read on to find out why celebrities love yoga.


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