Kirsten Dunst and her smoking habit

Published: February 08, 2021

Kirsten Caroline Dunst, an American actress, model, and singer previously strived to make a good impression by not smoking real cigarettes in her movies. Kirsten, who gained widespread recognition playing the role of vampire Claudia in ‘Interview With A Vampire’, believes that smoking in films creates a bad impact on teenagers and children.

The star believed cigarettes to be an addiction and once confessed she was bothered to see her friends smoke. quotes the actress as having said: “Everybody smokes! Models, actresses, everyone! Don’t they realize that it’s gross? I understand it’s an addiction, but it still pains me to see my friends do it.”

Thus, whenever Kirsten has to smoke for a character, she makes sure that they’re fake cigarettes. quotes the ‘Bring It On’ star as once having said in an interview: “I always try to make a good impression by not smoking real cigarettes in film-I’ll only use herbal cigarettes. I don’t ever want a young person to see me smoking in a scene and think it’s cool.”

But Kirsten, who has achieved international fame for the portrayal of Mary Jane Watson in the ‘Spiderman’ trilogy, has been often criticized for the smoking habit she developed in “real life” in recent years.

“I tried smoking once. Hated it. I don’t want to infect myself with cancer,” she told Night & Day Magazine in 2001. Now, nine years later, and apparently none-the-wiser, it is clear Kirsten smokes.

Click here to see the star with a cigarette.

In 2007, Kirsten made an announcement: she likes smoking marijuana and thinks “the world would be a better place” if everyone did it. quoted the then-24 year old star as saying: “I drink moderately, I’ve tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does. My best friend Sasha’s dad was Carl Sagan, the astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius.

“I’ve never been a major smoker, but I think America’s view on weed is ridiculous. I mean - are you kidding me? If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.”


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