TV Sextuplets family splits up

Published: September 29, 2020

WE TV’s reality show “Raising Sextuplets” parent Jennifer Masche has filed for legal separation from husband Bryan following reports of his arrest for domestic violence earlier this month.

Bryan was arrested on September 11 at his father-in-law’s home after a family dispute that started over where to take their six children for a trip. Jennifer’s father, in calls to 911, claimed the couple were near to splitting at that time.

Although Bryan Masche had not been physical, Jenny’s father said, “she doesn’t want him to leave because if he takes three and then he files, then she’s got three kids here and three kids there and then all of a sudden it becomes a bargaining tool.”

Yavapi County court records show that Jennifer is filing for sole custody of all six children but with a reasonable visiting schedule for the father.

The children were born in June 2007 and the fledgling couple understood the difficulties ahead. Bryan was quoted on as saying, “When you understand that there’s no way out of marriage, that forces you to work on your marriage. If we’re going to be stuck with each other for the next 80 years, we better make it good.”

The reality show itself has received mixed reviews and has not been as popular as originally hoped. Many reviewers and TV pundits cite a lack of interest in other people’s kids as the main reason for the show’s meagre following, while others have said that having dealt with your own kids all day the last thing you want to see is other people struggling with their family issues.

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